Power loss, Engine & hold dash lights blinking

bubbysboysbubbysboys Member Posts: 1
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My wife's 2009 Chevy Aveo has been a pretty good little car for the last 4 years until she had a power problem going to work this week and blinking dash lights (Engine and Hold blinking)! I went to her work after her telling me it had a loss of power and would not go into high gear! I drove it to my mechanic and thought for sure something was wrong with power and the Transmission!!! I had it looked at by my mechanic and first he changed the spark plugs, didn't solve the problem. I had read on other sites some had same issues! We talked it over and we both thought the coil pack needed replacing and he replaced it and problem was solved! The coil pack was all one piece cost $180 and the computer check said it was the #3 coil pack! It is running great no blinking lights and trans shifts smooth no problems and goes in to high gear fine!
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