2015 Toyota Camry XLE Prices Paid

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I am trying to decide between a Honda Accord EX-L No-Nav and a Toyota XLE with Nav. I have my targeted pricing for the Honda, but need some help in what would be a good deal for the Toyota. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.

With the Honda I am aiming at $2k below invoice, and with the Sedan market so competitive I was thinking the same for the Toyota, however I am not sure what the pricing should be.

Using Truecar.com the prices for the XLE come out as follows:

MSRP: 26,975
INVOICE: 25,058
TRUECAR: 24,988

$2k under invoice would be $23,058.

However, when I check an area dealer, the MSRP for the car is either $28,000 or $30,000, so I am assuming there are options above the MSRP that Truecar does not take into account. Such as the Nav, and the Blindspot monitoring, etc.. I would like them, but not sure what they are worth. I do not need the JBL.

Any help in narrowing down what the option of Nav and BSM should be on the XLE and what the total price should be, and what my target should be, would be most helpful.




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    MisterFunky, Are you suggesting they may go $2k UNDER INCOICE?! Mtc7
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    For bSM you're at about 30k
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