more space for kids!!!

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I purchased a 2003 access Tundra. While I am fully aware of the future model proposed for the 4 door Tundra, in the meantime my 8 and 6 year old complain about the space back there. I start to second guess the purchase and envy the 4 door dodges, fords, etc. Someone out there tell me the quality of the truck outweighs this space problem, please. If not, maybe on down the road, I might have to consider a trade in (ugh $$$). Suggestions? (someone said : gag the kids and throw in the back- ha)


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    Poor babies, they must have what, 20 inch inseams? Good grief. Tell them when they make they payments they can pick the vehicle you drive.

    When did parents start asking 8 y/0's for auto shopping advice? This seems to be the first generation of parents that are genuinely afraid of their own kids and actively seek the approval of children, as if they know anything about anything at that age. Are you that afraid your kids won't love you if you don't do their bidding? Will they be traumatized for life if they can't recline their seats like in first class airplane seats on trips? The space in a Tundra is perfectly adequate for a child, and even an adult for shorter trips. Try the back seat of a Porsche 911 if you want to see torture.

    I'm a baby boomer myself, but god, this generation is messed up when it comes to parenting.
    Try asking your doctor for some testosterone shots if what a 6 y/o kid complains about ruins your day. Good grief!
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    jeez. You need to chill, bruce. Guess I just want my kids to be comfortable (and other adults who have to ride back there) And being 6'5" doesn't help me for space. Testosterone has little to do with comfort.
    P.S. - God needs to be uppercased.
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    I am thinking of buying a tundra and have been thinking of the same thing. I have three kids, 7,6,4 and was wondering how bad it would be for them back in the cab on vacations. I also looked at the Tacoma crew cab or double cab what ever, it seems to have more leg room but not enough shoulder room for three, nice truck tho. Did you look at any of the Ford, Chevy, or Dodge crew cabs?
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    What is wrong with you? touc just wanted his kids to be comfortable! What's wrong with that?

    I'm happy I'm not your child... Do us all a favor, and take a chill pill.

    Now, back on topic, touc, I've been riding in small cars/trucks all my life, and I actually feel UNcomfortable in a large car. Too much space, but I never complained (Never wanted to, and still, to this day, I never complain about roominess in any automobile). After a while, you seem to get used to it, but next time, maybe you'll want to take your kids for a test drive. When you have a family, they ALL have to be comfortable, or else someone's going to complain.

    Now, if I hit my head on the ceiling of the car, IT'S TIME FOR ME TO COMPLAIN!
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    I put adults in the back of my Tundra for Vacations. I have no kids.
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    what kills me is when people say they buy trucks and SUV's for more space, but a minivan has more cargo space and back seats in trucks and SUV's are the most uncomfortable cramped things in the world.

    Further proof that most people try to make like they buy a vehicle for its attributes but what always wins in the end is image and style.

    A pontiac Vibe has more room in it than most SUV's and the back seat is way more comfy.

    The whole 'third seat' thing is just so people with two kids can keep the kids separated and from fighting with each other. I would just tell the kids to shut the up and sit quiet. No one buys a van or SUV with a 3rd seat and actually carries 7 passengers around.
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    I guess I became so concerned about the space because, yes, we do have a minivan also. After riding in the van, and the getting the kids in the truck, it becomes very obvious. I love my Tundra, I just can not wait to see a four (full) door model.
    I know some people who have traded in their mini vans for a suv, and boy have they regretted the loss of space. And now, with the gas prices....whew!
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    if someone really wants space and all wheel drive utility, go buy a Chevy Express AWD van. You can get one for about 20 g less than a suburban and its got the same motor and tow capacity almost.
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    Well, I see it is finally coming. Sounds REALLY great! I just hope I can get a good deal on a trade/sale to make the upgrade when the time comes. Great write-up in

    IF there is ANY drawback to it:
    bigger truck + same engine= lower gas mileage

    What a beautiful truck!
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    I've got an '01 Tundra Ltd with 22k trouble-free, deliriously happy miles on it.
    The new Quad-Cab is an awesome looking truck from Toyota. I'm single and my Tundra is my daily driver. I do plan on getting the quad-cab as I hate listening to my lunch partners whine and moan about rear seat room. I had originally planned to purchase a SCrew, but was won over by the Tundra's great build quality and performance.
    The new quad-cab is overdue and I look forward to buying a purty red one with a sunroof and rear windshield that lowers!!!
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    my bro-in-law bought a new Ram quad. Got everything and a kitchen sink. Been a great truck but with 9mpg !!!!!! I'm liking that Tundra too. I know several people with a SCrew and they don't like the seats. Can't find a comfortable position. Have one amigo that actually took the driver seat down to the frame and welded it to a better seatback angle. I guess if you make a payment every month you make the payment comfortable. Fords don't ever seem to keep the front ends straight either. As far as minivans and SUVs go, wow did I find the common sense page in Edmunds town hall!! Looking forward to hearing from the first lucky recipient of a Double Cab Tundra...even though I will be jealous!
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    I currently have a 01 Tundra and have been pleased with it so far except for a dash rattle that toyota can not fix! Yes it is a truck so I live with the rattle! I have been condsidering trading in my Tundra for a Sequoia because of my two kids. They are 3 & 16 months old and there car seats put them up so close to the front seats that you can catch a foot right in the back of the head. I have to sit so close to the steering wheel that I look like a 80 year old woman and I am only 5'9"! Anyway the Sequoia was the bet until I saw a new 04 Tundra Doublecab. I just put a car seat (kid was not in the seat) in the back seat to see how much more room there would be and it looks like the kids will not be able to kick the front seats. Also the rear window rolling down and the video screen are gonna be good for entertaining the kids! Gas mileage is not great on my 01 and I do not expect it to be much better on the 04. I need a truck and hopefully this will solve my problem with the kids. The new 04 looks tough!
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    Does anyone know if the new quad cab will be available in a six passenger configuration? The toyota web site shows the leather interior and a five passenger setup w/ captains chairs up front. There is no mention of a six pax setup. I find this strange since the current truck can be bought with a bench seat up front. I wan't this truck but I need the flexability to occasionally carry six.
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    You may have to wait until the 2nd year of production for the 6-pak, as they tend to load 'em down w/all options the first production year.
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    Just got a response from the folks at car-data. They spoke to toyota reps who confirmed that the new truck will offer six passenger seating. Now I can't wait to put this truck head to head with the new Nissan Titan Crew Cab and pick my new ride. I hope at least one of them will offer the six pack seating w/leather. I'd like to know who decreed that only people who wan't captains chairs like nice upholstery. From minivans to SUV's and trucks it seems like you can't have your cake and eat it too.
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    Anybody know when the fist double cabs are supposed to arrive in showrooms?
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    I agree that more space in the back would be nice...but when we're headed up to the mountains with 3 dirt bikes in the bed no one seems to complain about riding in the backseat! I guess it's all about motivation. My .02 on the quad cab: 1) Won't fit in my garage 2) I think it looks kind of odd (not Avalance odd...but still)
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    I've got 3 kids and, though the Tundra is decent enough for short trips and the like, I'm glad we bought a Suburban for the longer trips. My kids are still young (8, 5, 3) but can really get on our nerves when they act up.

    That new Tundra Quad-Cab sure is nice looking though. I'm totally happy with my Tundra (2001, Thunder Gray, 2WD SR5 Access Cab) but I'd seriously consider upgrading to the Quad-Cab if the price was right.

    The Tundra Quad-cabs are slated to show up in showrooms this fall (Nov. 15). Here's a link to a page with lots of pics: Tundra Double-Cab yumminess!
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    Does anyone know what the towing capacity on the 2004 Tundra will be? Any engine options to increase HP?
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    The same as 2003. New one comes out in 2005 (so I hear).
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    What the hell is wrong with you bruce? touc was just complaining on how undersize the 2003 Tundra models are, and you went off talking about asking the kids for permission and then bs on the testosterone crap. Are you PMSing 4 times a month? WTF? Chill homes.
    The 2000-2003 Tundra is small, undersize. Period. And, indeed, that is the only factor that put me in a dilema whether buy the Tundra or not. When I see the 2004 models, I felt in love with it and that is *the* truck I've been waiting for. Check in for pricings on the new Tundra.
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    Went looking last weekend, not really seriously, and came home with a 2004 2WD D-cab SR5, in Salsa Red, 17" wheels, keyless entry, upgraded stereo, tow package. Dealer consented to install leather seats and the locking rear diff and tint the windows. Initial impressions:

    1. Drives pretty well for a vehicle this big. Coming from a 98 Lexus GS400, so will miss the speed and handling but with two small children this made more sense. Very quiet, good exhaust sound, lots of understeer.

    2. There is a huge amount of room in the truck, I put the front seat all the way back and my 6'1" neigbor sat in the back and his knees did not touch the front seat.

    3. No company has as of now started producing a fiberglass cap for the bed, but there will be several around Feb-March.

    4. Even with the 17" wheels the tires don't come close to looking big enough for the truck. Better start selling some more stuff on Ebay!

    Overall we like our decision, the red is definitely the way to go!
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    A larger engine for the DC Tundra should be available in about 18 months. I'm guessing the guy making a big deal about comfort for children doesnt have any. Kids like adults want to be comfortable for long road trips. And the parents dont want to hear the complaining for the hours of driving. People buy whats comfortable for their ENTIRE family, not just telling the kids to grin and bear it.
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