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Hi guys can someone shed some light on how many wires bolt to the stud with 1/2 " nut on the back of the starter....I have the main positive off the battery cable ...there is 4 more junctions...not sure if 1 of them (or more) may be a ground connection because i didn't take them off. Is there anyway of checking the them with a multimeter to see what are the positive ones? besides the main positive from the battery i have a single thin wire with four wires and two with 2 wires...any help would be greatly appreciated .


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    There would be no ground connections to the starter solenoid. You will find power connections to send power to other parts of the car that attach to the starter main cable bolt. Those smaller wires are likely to be fusible links so you should see a connection to a heavier gage wire within about six inches of the eyelet.

    BTW. Make/model/year/engine/transmission would help. With that could pull a schematic and tell you exactly what you would find connected there depending on the vehicle options.
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    2001 z24 cavalier 2.4L 5 speed manual transmission....i know no grounds go to the solenoid but i'm pretty sure all 5 wouldn't go to the starter....i think one wire may be a ground that was possibly on one bell housing bolts or somewhere else..... not really sure.
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    Wires that are black, or black/white are grounds. According to the schematic only the main battery positive feed and the fusible link for the alternator output connect to the starter post.
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    thank you
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