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Any news,on what it is going to look like ?


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    Kia Motors Corp. said that it will launch its new luxury sedan, Opirus, in European markets this June and in U.S. markets in October. The domestic launching is slated for March 2003.
    "Kia aims to sell 60,000 units of the Opirus, including exports of 25,000 units, in 2003, while securing 30 percent of the domestic large car market," company president & CEO Kim Noi-myong said in a press launching ceremony.

    "The luxury sedan's interiors are modeled after Benz, BMW and Porsche Boxster, while its exteriors have refined and elegant European styles."

    The Opirus features a variety of safety devices, like vehicle dynamic control system, gas-activated shock absorbers, active headrest and electronic brake systems, will be available in two models - 3 liter and 3.5 liter, with local prices ranging from $30,000 to $45,000.

    "Developed at a cost of $300 million over a period of three years, the Opirus represents Kia's ambition to spread its strong competitiveness in recreational vehicles to the luxury segment," Kim explained, adding that the car was built on a chasis specifically designed for it.

    "Like Toyota Motor's Lexus brand, the Opirus is the first independent auto brand by Kia. Instead of Kia logo and brand, the new luxury sedan will only carry its own car name, OPIRUS.

    It will be the first luxury Korean sedan to be shipped to the U.S. market."

    Targeting high-income professionals in the 30-50 age range in the Korean market, Kia plans to set up Opirus call centers and Web sites. Opirus is an amalgamation of two words: "Ophir" from Hebrew, and "rus" from Latin. Ophir is the Biblical "El Dorado," or location of King Solomon's gold mines referred to fleetingly in Job 22:24 and in other parts of the Old Testament as a metaphor for a land rich in gold.

    Rus is an inflected form of the Latin noun "ruris" which means country or land. "Ophir Rus" loosely translates to "Land of Gold."
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    You've come through again! I like the looks of the car from the front-that grille will take a little bit of getting used to though. It sort of looms out at you in an ominous way but overall the car is very rich looking and it looks like it would drive very smoothly. I like the dark woodgrain interior contrasted by the tan plastics in the dash and door finish. Also, it looks like GPS and/or the Internet will be standard equipment on Opirus?

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    What original exterior styling!
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    That front end is hideous. Interior looks fine, but that Grille...
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    site link....

    You may find some technical information and pics about Opirus
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    I posted that link in a new board over at "Sedans", but Pat, our host, referred me over here. We have so many boards - I did not even look... all I remember was that I posted the first Opirus/GH-concept pictures last year on the Kia "News and Views", which is read only now. So, apologies to everyone. However, here's the actual designated Korean link, effective March 12, 2003:
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    The name is out since April 17, 2003:
    The overseas Opirus will be the Kia Amanti for the 2004 model year in the US and Canada.
    Host: Can you, please, change the header into "2004 Kia Amanti (formerly Opirus)"? I'd appreciate it.
    More info under
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    Its ugly. Neck and neck with the new Galant and the Scion series for the ugliest vehicles of the coming year!

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    My gripe with the current crop of Kias and Hyundais is that the fuel economy and safety ratings are lackluster.
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    nice Korean Buick.....but that grille is heinous.
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    But I'm in LOVE with that beautiful interior. Better wood than XG350 and lots of it. Yippee Hurray!!!
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