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2004, Lexus ES 330 - loud vibrations over 70mph

bcsmith5bcsmith5 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2015 in Lexus
Lexus ES 330
Unsure of engine size... I know it's a V6 if that helps at all

About 5 days ago I noticed on my commute to work that the first time (during the morning drive) my car accelerated to over 70 mph, the engine started to make a sustained loud vibrating sound... louder than I've ever heard. The RPMs were not out of control, the engine temperature was in check. The vibrations will continue for the next 3-4 minutes driving at or above 70mph, but out of the nowhere, the car will return to 'normal' and the vibrations will stop, even though I'm still pushing over 70 mph. However, if I slow down considerably, then accelerate again over 70mph, I'll hear the vibrations/feel the car struggle to maintain the speed.

Normally the Lexus does a fantastic job of operating quietly, so I'm concerned that something could be malfunctioning. I visually checked the engine and I didn't see anything leaking/anything obvious (to my eyes). One thing I did notice was a lower level of engine coolant. I plan on fixing that today.... could that be the solution?


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