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    Jeep will sell a pickup derivative of the Wrangler in 2004.

    The Scrambler, developed initially for military use overseas, goes on sale as a 2005 model in mid-July 2004.
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    I just hope they have a rubicon version.
    I can't believe they would actually put a 4 cyc in it. What a waste. I don't plan on buying a new vehicle again, so I hope the used ones hit the market quickly.
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    If they are putting a diesel in the Liberty then DC should offer a diesel in the Scrambler and Wrangler. Sure, not everyone wants a diesel, but it would be excellent in a four wheel drive vehicle like a jeep. Great torque, great mpg..
    It would get me out of my Toyota. Are you listening DC?
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    her '81 Scrambler she bought new.
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    Word is that there will be two versions offered, one short and one long.
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    Now, give me a real back seat and a full soft-top as an option. Oh, and the diesel is a nice dream as well.
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    ...a useable ranch Jeep!!

    DC: Give us one with no spark plugs (aka Diesel), and I just might have to get one (or two).
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    My Boss had one of these in the early 70's. It was a 1969 if memory serves me correctly. It wasn't called a Scrambler. Don't remember the designation. It had a full soft top, 4 cyl. engine and big tires. It was slow and noisy but would pull a "ton", even with that engine. Anybody else remember? If you don't mind slow, the new Scrambler with a 4 cyl. would probably do the job, with the right gears.
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    Maybe the old J-10 pickup? The Scrambler was built "81 thru '85, but was called a CJ-8 the last year (maybe 2 yrs) instead of Scrambler.
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    It depends what you are using the Jeep for. But, considering that there is no real advantage (gas milage or otherwise) for the 4 cyl., I would go for the 6. This engine is bound to be offered as an option.
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    I think the model 50svintage is referring to is the CJ-6. It was a stretched CJ-5, narrow track with small door openings. It was built from 1956 to 1976, but was never popular. Originally it was 20" longer (101" wheelbase) than the CJ-5, but was changed to 23" longer (104" wheelbase) in 1972. It did not have the long overhang behind the rear axle like the Scrambler. That overhang was one of the main things people pointed to as a design flaw on the Scrambler, I'm glad to see the TJ-L doesn't have it.
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    kelt dan, I think you've got it. I remember the CJ-6 part now. I also remember My Boss pulling my heavy '66 Scout around in a tug-of-war with his Jeep like I was on ice.
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    but not a "6".
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    I have seen the 6 in Jeep books. It was mostly sold to utilities, construction companies, etc. I think that it has a pretty long wheel base and while that may have made it better off road, at least concerning departure angles, it wasn't as good looking as the Scrambler.
  • txyank1txyank1 Member Posts: 1,010
    a CJ6 and just didn't realize it. Thanks.
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    Rumor has been circulating on the internet that the Jeep Scrambler has been cancelled plus the press release has been removed from from the Jeep website and the pictures at the dearlership on thier interactive brocure have been removed.

    Any body else hear about this??
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    I have not heard this, yet. But, I would not be surprised. I thought it kind of odd to be bringing this out with the next generation Wrangler just around the corner.

    Shame though, I was looking forward to a little variety.
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    yesterday. News article in it states the 2004 Scrambler should be out this Fall. Goes on to talk about some of the options, etc. 'Course this Mag was put together months ago, so things could have changed.
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    Sport Truck calls it a "soft announcement", but their sources tell them there is very little doubt about it. The Scrambler will arrive next Summer as an '05 model.
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    Mike's Totally Free Jeep News has not announced any change in the Scrambler release, so here's hoping!

    My favorite buzz sight seems to have gone belly-up, so Mike's is all I have left.
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    [Raising my cup of Java] I really hope that I will be able to get a Scramble next fall. It would really solve the problem of my geriatric 1992 XJ Laredo.

    I am just wishing that it has an option of a full length hardtop and a back seat with a little bit of legroom. Then I can pull the top off and the back seat out and put a half-top and buzz around in a cute Jeep Truck.

    3 in suspension lift, 33X10.5" BFG AT/KO tires and a MileMarker winch and it will be perfect.
  • jamesfletcher2jamesfletcher2 Member Posts: 127

    Right on with the MileMarker - they are real heavy duty compared to Warn, etc.

    Also, I hope that the Scrambler will be offered with a full length soft top or, if not, that Best Tops will do one.

  • rallytravisrallytravis Member Posts: 8
    Hey the CJ6 did not sell, the Scrambler did not sell. I do not know why Jeep thinks anybody will buy this version. Maybe a version with 4 doors and a full top but me thinks that would not sell many copies either.
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    what the plan is, but maybe it's not to sell a ton of 'em. Many of the niche vehicles today are only intended to be limited, and only sold for a few years (like the new T-Bird). And of course some just turn out that way (like the Blackwood),
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    Hey DC are you reading this? a pickup w/ 2 seats?!! are you kidding? every maker is making their living off 3 to 4 passengers AND
    a bed. Where is THE DAKAR?. Please don't try to pass off that Liberty as the result of the Dakar project. Bail out now before it's too late
    and put the Dakar in instead. I am sure the show response on the Dakar was much more
    positive than the rehash lonely guy Scrambler.
    It has already failed once. Why dig it up? Toyota has this covered with the Tacoma. Break new gound, not wind.
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    I think its a great idea bringing a versio of the Scrambler back. They need to put more power in it though and offer more to go with it. Possibly a diesel, rubicon, soft top, and so on. The should mount the spare in the bed like the older Scramblers, it has ba better look to it but reduces space. Why anyone would want to have a full time full top on a Scrambler makes no sense. If you want that go out and buy a Wrangler pull out the back seat, and there you go. Though it makes no sense to me it does to others and i'm sure besttop will offer it.
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    My neighbor has an old Scrambler in his drive. It has a neat canopy type top over the bed and his company logo painted on the doors. I certainly don't need this type of vehicle but I want one. If it was available now I would give it first consideration. But it depends some on the price. If it is less than $15k then great. But if Chrysler prices it at $25k then it competes with a lot of other stuff such as pretty much any other pickup which can be had with 4x4 and an extended or double cab. Available in July next year could mean not really available until September. Don't know if it is worth that long a wait.
  • jamesfletcher2jamesfletcher2 Member Posts: 127
    The following appeared in this weeks Automotive News which I subscribe to:


    The off-road vehicle will be redesigned for the 2007 model. The Wrangler, the only Jeep that is body-on-frame, likely will remain on its own platform.


    The Scrambler, a pickup derivative of the Jeep Wrangler, will bow in 2004 as a 2005 model. Jeep is aiming at the youth market with the Scrambler, a Wrangler based SUV that seats two and has a four-foot pickup bed.

    Initially developed for military use, the Scrambler concept sits on a stretched Wrangler wheelbase. That allows the addition of a 4-foot pickup bed behind a two-passenger compartment.

    Four- and six-cylinder engines will be available.

    Initially, Jeep planned to produce about 20,000 Scramblers a year in Toledo, Ohio; but those numbers could increase.

    Vehicles such as the Scrambler will play a bigger role in the company's bid to win young buyers.
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    How about the 4.7L V8? I mean, some people who buy the Scrambler JUST MIGHT want to haul something with it! CJs were offered with V8s for years, why did it stop with the Wrangler? The 4 banger just won't cut it, since it barely powers the Wrangler...especially with an automatic transmission. It won't steal sales away from the Dakota, because anyone can clearly see that the Dakota is a better value all around.

    If any Jeep fans want anything, it's the DAKAR. DC, face it...the Liberty IS NOT a 4 door Wrangler. You already have the extended TJ-L platform, now put a top and some seats in and sell it! I'll be at the dealer the first day it's out!
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    I must be getting old! I don't quite understand the fascination with power (V-8 or diesel) in a 4 wheel drive vehicle. What would you guess... 99% of the 4x4's bought today will never see a dirt road, much less a mud bog? Is it the need to go 70 mph on the freeway? Or 40 mph through the woods to get to the hunting cabin?

    I've owned 2 4x4's. A '66 Scout (carb.) and a '86 Ranger (efi). Both with 4 cyl. engines. They would both take me where I wanted to go. NO, they would not go up hill at 70 mph, but I always ended up at the top of the hill just the same. One would plow snow and the other haul dirt up that same hill.

    I guess it doesn't depend on WHAT you want to do with your 4 wheel drive. It's how FAST you want to do it.
  • kyjeepsterkyjeepster Member Posts: 11
    I have to agree on the questioning of having a modern V8 in the Scrambler. The 4.7 is an awesome motor, but it lacks the torque to perform like the venerable 318 or 360. Consequently, off-road, it is nice to play with a V8 with all of those ponies, but you really need the torque if you want to work. Plus with the V8, the fuel mileage that is already bad gets even worse unless you put the gearing like a Cessna in the differentials which is not fun.

    On the diesel side, this is the choice for me. The 2.8l diesel will offer extreme torque and acceptable horse power. Combine this with some goodies like propane injection and some serious beefing of the transmission and we are looking at a trail rig that will perform shockingly well on road with a very mild lift, 33" tires and a real locker in the rear (to make people stare at you in bewilderment as you rear tires scream while turning in a parking lot at idle. :D)

    But I am slightly more extreme than the average Jeep owner.
  • comanche_ajcomanche_aj Member Posts: 18
    a v8 scrambler is a surprisingly rare find. and im proud that you are like me and go the off-road accessory way. but go to the owners discussions of a jeep comanche, i'm the only one there, read my message and tell me who is more extreme. -ajjjjjjj
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    It has been released by the union in Toledo that DC intends to build a 2005 Scrambler in 2 flavors. One will be a truck like format that is similar to the old Scrambler while the other version will have a full length hard top, fully finished interior and a backseat. Looks like I might just wait on one of these instead of the diesel Liberty. It would be awesome if this were offered as a diesel as well as a 4.0 Six. I would be like the [non-permissible content removed] (donkey) that starved to death standing between two piles of hay because he could not make up his mind as to which one to eat.

    As far as mods go, yep your MJ is much more extreme than either of my rigs, but both were designed to be good on and off road. Neither are ready for rock crawling, but both are ready for some serious trails. MY TJ can blaze a new path if necessary, but my XJ is more staying in line with the group on the ride.
  • hotx3hotx3 Member Posts: 71
    Do you know where to find more info on the hard top with seats? I'm considering a Wrangler for my next car. The open air and off road possibilities are the main draw. I have two young drivers, so the extra wheelbase (stability) and the back seat in the Scrambler are attractive. Will the top come off, or is this a mini Durango?
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    I loved the 1980 scrambler. I would be the first to say Jeep needs to go back to its roots and offer some basic trucks that work off road and are not luxobarges. I liked the Dakar also and it was close to what I would want. It was just to loaded with soccer mom interior. What we need is a wrangler based pick up like the rest of the world had when the CJ was in production. It was called a J10 down under and is still made in India . India also still has a Five door steel roofed CJ that we in the states never got, but should have. Think of it as a Defender 110 only in Jeep CJ. form. These trucks are proper diesel powered rock crawlers. In India they use Peugeot and IH diesels that don't make much HP but build great torque at about 1800 rpm where you need it off road.. DC uses VM diesels in Europe and Down under which are much more powerful.We are to get the 2.8 in the liberty as you know. Here is a link to the India site that still makes the CJ.
  • hotx3hotx3 Member Posts: 71
    Wow! 10 person capacity (1640 pounds) with 62 HP.
    Intriguing, but I think I'll stick with the US version.
  • chrisducatichrisducati Member Posts: 394
    Thats not including the 8 people that hang on the roof! but honestly. I think we should have this look with the US drivetrain.
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    I think it's great that Jeep is bringing back the Scrambler. I think that sales will be very good. As soon as my dealer will accept a deposit on one he will have it! I have owned four Jeeps and I love the Jeep product. If you don't think the Scrambler is very hot item try buying a used one. I hope Jeep brings back a full size truck also.
  • colorado1974colorado1974 Member Posts: 177
    Automotive news announced today that Chrysler nixed the scrambler. The did say that there is a new long wheel base wrangler coming out this next spring.
  • ponmponm Member Posts: 139
    A dealer told me two weeks ago that the scrambler would be here in about 8 months but no pricing yet.-scott
  • moparbadmoparbad Member Posts: 3,870
    Yep. No Scrambler. Mistake on Jeeps part IMO.
  • ponmponm Member Posts: 139
  • colorado1974colorado1974 Member Posts: 177
    At Jeep, they scrapped the Scrambler because they thought it was weak. The design was unibody instead of the Brute concept at Instead I was told the new Wrangler Unlimited launched in March will be the beginning of a great roll out of Jeep stuff.
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    I have wanted a Wrangler ever since I first saw one as a kid. Well when I became old enough to drive I figured out real quick a short wheelbase Jeep is VERY unpractical for everday driving. Plus it lacks horsepower for everyday highway driving. I can't wait till this Long Wheelbase Wrangler/Scrambler comes out! I will definitly be buying one! And if there is no V8 option...the Jeep may get a LS1 or 5.9L upgrade =).
  • frank58frank58 Member Posts: 54
    My local Jeep store told me that they will not get the Scrambler. The extended version of the Wrangler will take it's place.

  • txyank1txyank1 Member Posts: 1,010
    "....a short wheelbase Jeep is VERY unpractical for everday driving."
    But much better for manuevering off road.
  • boredbored Member Posts: 300
    Is it possible for you to change the name of this discussion to "2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited", since the Scrambler got scrapped? They're both based on the same TJ-L frame.
  • erickplerickpl Member Posts: 2,735
    I have heard, but I can't remember from where, that DC is considering a Hemi for the Jeeps. I'm not sure if it is the Wrangler, Liberty, or GC, but sounds interesting...

    Yeah I know the torque is king for offroading, but the V8 could help pull that TJ around town a lot easier. :)

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