Changed timing chain on my 1997 Chevy Cavalier and car won't start.

dave687dave687 Member Posts: 1
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car is a 2.2 liter engine. turned engine to top dead center timing mark lined up. put new crank gear on. turned cam gear to timing mark with both valves closed then removed tensioner guide keeper pin. reassembled engine. charged the battery no dice. Engine was out of time (backfire through carb.) So disassembled engine and rotated crank 360 reassembled engine and tried it again . Same thing engine backfire through carb. So I thought the crank has magnetic pickups so the crank will be in the right spot every top dead center mark . So I disassembled the engine and rotated the cam 360 reassembled the engine and it still acts like its out of time. each time I reassembled the timing chain and gears I removed the tensioner pin.In the book it showed #4 on the coil pack going to #1 plug. I think this is goofy. So I both ways. confused Dave


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