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Oil presssure drop - '95 Wrangler

redmaneredmane Member Posts: 2
edited March 2015 in Jeep
Just got 95 Jeep Wrangler last week. Automatic. Oil pressure has been running about 40. Fast trip to hospital ( been couple trips at same speed and distance) oil pressure dropped to20. I couldn't see any leaks, no burnt oil smell. Checked oil about quart low. After added oil, hurried on way again, when slowed at second light thought could hear a KNOCK! as soon as COULD pull off was sure. Scared engine is ruined! Oil pressure even lower! What could have happened? what should I do now? I'm not stupid but am a woman with first Jeep!


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    druss71druss71 Member Posts: 7
    I know the yj like the back of my hand. How bad is the knock? it would be weird if your engine wasn't knocking, but if its bad, its most likely one of your rods, and obviously your loosing oil, or its not circulating, next time you change it, first do it yourself, 6 quarts, oil filter, and perhaps the oil pump, if you want to reduce the knock, you could buy that thick "Lucas" oil stuff from autozone, it helped for mine
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    druss71druss71 Member Posts: 7
    oh and the oil pressure is supposed to drop when slowing down, and increase when accelerating, but yea 20 is too low
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