Quadrasteer - Anyone have any experience?

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After test driving a 1500 with quadrasteer, i decided that I needed to have it on my new 1500HD. I had to order my 1500HD with quadrasteer but haven't received the truck yet. I was wondering if anyone else has experience, good or bad with quadrasteer. It was awesome on my test drive, although an expensive option.


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    there are a few guys over at another site (check my profile for a link). They love it and i have never heard any complaints
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    Did you get an additional rebate when you ordered the quadrasteer, or did you give up rebates on a special order truck?
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    My boss just bought a pewter 03 Sierra Denali and the rebate on it was a whopping $4500 here in Seattle. Not sure how long it lasts or if it is nationwide but that is a great deal! Might even trade my 01 C3 in on one.
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    Does anyone know when this option will be available on the Avalanche? Thanks
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    I'm days away from making the commitment on my dreamcar, but still have some doubts on whether I should go for the quadrasteer package.
    I have been searching the web for negative feedback,m but cant seem to find anything. Then I came across this site and figured, might as well join, and ask the people who know these trucks first hand.
    Any feedback is appreciated, I'll be sure to post a pic of my new-born as soon as it arrives,...w/or w/out quadrasteer
    Bob O
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    I wonder if it's possible and what would happen if you knocked that steerable rear end out of alignment.

    That could be exciting!!!
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    I have just over 4500 miles on my truck, and I love the Quadrasteer. It makes a difference in all driving conditions. When I first purchased the truck I used the Quadrasteer only in city driving, now I never turn it off. I have had no problems, and would recommend it to anyone buying a truck. Does anyone know if there would be implications in changing tire size? Also, the new interior is great. We also have a 2002 Tahoe, and I find the trucks seats to be more firm and supportive.
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    I have had mine for just over a week now and absolutely love it. I have two friends who have had theirs for a few months and have nothing but great things to say about it. No problems, no defects, just a very nice truck. The thing drives like a sports car in town as it turns on a dime. On the highway when towing a trailer it really shines...I haven't used mine for towing yet as I'm still in the breakin period, but did drive my buddies prior to purchasing one and the trailer towing sold it for me.

    As for the rear end, my Chevy service manager told me that if there were any problems with the system, it would automatically lock in the straight position so it would still be driveable. He hasn't seen any come in with problems and the maintenance on it is not that great...when you go in for a front end alignment, they'll do the rear, not as complicated and very inexpensive.

    Now the wife is threatening to drive mine or I can buy her one of her own.....guess we'll have two in our family.....

    By the way, I got the $3000 Chevy rebate, the $2000 Quadrasteer rebate, and the dealer knocked off another $4160 so that the purchase price was just over $29,000. Not bad at all for a full size, 4x4, LS extended cab.
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    $29K isnt bad at all. Thats what I paid for my 00 Z71 ext cab
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    So that thing listed for $38160 ???
    Chevy may be built like a rock but the executives got rocks in their heads asking that kind of money for a 1/2 ton ext. cab 4 wd pick-up.
    Obviuosly the dealer & GM thought so too since all those discounts were applied to get you to buy it!
    Good luck with it in any event.
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    I hate to post long dissertations, but would like to relay my experience regarding quadra steer.
    I just returned to Texas from Indiana where I work about 4 times per year with GM car and truck engineers. My employer is SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) and we have contracted with GM for several years, teaching their engineers driving techinques that aid in subjective evaluation while driving a vehicle at the limit. I teach an excercise on a course called "The Triangle." As you can imagine, this is a pyloned course laid out in the shape of a triangle, with a 35 foot driving lane around it. Each wall of the triangle is 225 feet long. For the first time, my teaching vehicle was a GMC pickup truck, extended cab, two wheel drive, 5.3 engine, with quadra steer. The way this vehicle handled on this course was absolutely mind boggling! In the past, I have used GM pickup trucks, and although they were quite agile around this exercise, this truck was absolutely amazing! Even in two wheel steer, it was quite a bit quicker than past pickups, and in four steer, it was even quicker. Remember, this exercise has a corner coming up every 200ft, then you have to turn approximately 220 degrees to head to the next corner. We have never had a truck corner so well at the liniar limit. I also was astounded that this truck was not nearly as hard on tires as past trucks. This exercise is held on a concrete surface, fairly rough, and traditionally eats tires at a rapid pace. With this truck, understeer was so greatly reduced due to reduced slip angles that tire wear was kept to a minimum. I had a total of 24 students on this exercise over the 7 day period, and more than a thousand laps were made at the cornering limit of this vehicle, and we used up half the tires we normally use during this time period.
    I had been convinced that I wanted to buy a new Dodge 2500 quad cab hemi untill I drove this truck. I pull a 24ft. enclosed trailer housing a race car and tools, etc, total weight about 8000 lbs. My shop is located 110 ft. from the end of my driveway down behind my house. To avoid cutting a tree, the driveway to the garage is curved, and is difficult to maneuver a trailer. I am currently looking at buying the GMC or Chevy with qs, even though I really like the looks and engine combination in the Dodge. There is currently 2000 dollars included incentive on qs vehicles, and 0 percent pretty much cinches my purchase.
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    I too have been amazed by the handling of my quadrasteer as it corners extremely well and seems to be alot more sure footed than most truck's I've owned. I've had Dodges, Fords and Chevys, but this is my first quadrasteer, and I've been amazed. Backing with my trailer is so easy that my wife decided to give a try and was amazed...I'm no engineer, and don't fully understand the physics of the thing but it sure is easy to drive - forwards and backwards.

    The biggest thrill was when I went into my insurance agent to have it switched over from my 2002 Chevy LS extended cab to my 2003 Chevy LS Extended Cab Quadrasteer, and was told the premium was lower. I asked this how it could be as it was a new vehicle but she said it had a higher safety rating with the quadrasteer than without - that says something about the system!

    This is the best truck I've ever driven and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great truck that's a true joy to drive...just be prepared for the stares and comments about a bent axle ;-).
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