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Hey everyone. I have a 94 Chev K-1500 Z71 and think that the rear shocks have finally seen the last of it. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good shocks. I went to Canadian Tire and they tried to sell me on these Monroe Sensatrac shocks at about 60 bucks canadian. I believe this truck has (stock) Blitsen 46mm shocks but I don't know if you can still get these same shocks. Plus I don't know the model of the shocks. I mostly do quite a bit of road and highway driving but I do go offroad and gravel road driving on occasion so I would like a heavy shock but not to the point as making my truck feel like a tank. Any suggestions for me?? Thanks.



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    check out

    We just installed some monroe sensatrac shocks on my dads 92 S-10 a few months back. Really helped make the truck feel new again. As far as putting them on a fullsize heavier duty trucks id opt against them.

    Also check out the Rancho RS9000 adjustable shocks
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    I check at my local chevrolet dealership.. The shocks for my truck would cost over 350 canadian dollars each!! I was blown away! Anyhow I am going to wait and the next time I have the truck on the ramp I will get them to inspect the rear shocks. I won't be paying that for them so it will more then likely be the cheap OEM aftermarket shocks. Swoosh
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    I paid $50 US for Bilsteins to replace OEM on my 95 S10 Blazer, whenever I need to replace the Bilsteins on my 99 ZR2 I will get the same thing. The factory shocks do not have a lifetime warranty, but the aftermarket shocks do, The Bilstein folks told me the shocks are the same, Chev just does not pay for the warranty.
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    I highly recommend bilstein shocks. I replaced the shocks on my new truck at about 10,000 miles and could not believe the improvement. The ride was noticeably smoother and rebound was eliminated. They were worth every penney I paid. I will never buy another brand. If you're not averse to buying via the internet, try I did quite a bit of research and pricing and they beat the best price of their competition by 10%.
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    I was told exactly the same thing by Bilstein when I called to complain about the front shocks on my 99 Blazer making noise when they are cold. They said it sounds like the oil and gas had mixed. The truck had 40k at the time and now has 82k with the same shocks. Have you seen this? The noise seems to come when the temperature is below about 35 degrees.
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    chevy offered bilsteins on the blazers (non zr2)? What trim pkg do you have? My moms 00 4wd LT has orange shocks (dont know what brand)
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    Just wondering what type Bilstein HD or C series being put on your truck. Also is there a big difference in the two.
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