1998 Ford Windstar wiper issues

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Hello, New here... and hoping someone can point me in the right direction... I purchased a 1998 Ford Windstar Dec 2014 as a work vehicle. No problems for the first 6 months and then my wipers went out on me during a rain storm. Replaced the motor..it worked for 3 months and stopped again. Thought the motor was bad and replaced with another one this time lasting only about 2 months... About 3 days ago they stopped working again. Realized it is definitely not the motor but something in the wiring as my door ajar light stays on and chimes when I am in a stopped position and the interior lamp lights stay on causing my battery to drain.. I did pull the fuse on the interior lamp..
I read that it could be the GEM module going bad which all above are controlled by the module. The only thing is It is discontinued and the only place I can find one is on ebay...I hear it has to be "flashed" not sure if I am saying this correctly , by Ford motor company before it will work... Please help.. I cannot keep sinking money in the vehicle. I wouldn't feel right selling without wiper motors nor would I. I need to get it repaired cheaply...
Has anyone had this issue and how was it repaired.... Thank you in advance for any information..


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    While both system have the GEM in common, just replacing it at this point without testing and proving that it is the source of the trouble isn't a good idea. But if it is proven then any shop that has made the investment to have the Ford Factory scan tool, the IDS, can set up a new GEM module for you. There is even a second method for Fords using an aftermarket system supporting the SAE J2534 protocol. Either way you don't have to go to the dealer, but you do need to find one of the top aftermarket shops.
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    Thank you so much for responding.. I will definitely do a test before I purchase the module.
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