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image2015 New York Auto Show: 2016 Nissan Maxima (FAQ) | Edmunds.com

The 2016 Nissan Maxima gets radically altered styling and a near luxury interior that makes it one of the more intriguing sedans in the full-size segment.

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  • marcos9marcos9 Member Posts: 96
    Just my opinion, but that front grille is just horrid. I thought the Maxima was supposed to be a "4DSC". And the "Active Sound Enhancement" - is that using speakers too like the BMW F10 - bleh.
  • kshankarkshankar Member Posts: 175
    Typical Nissan of late, overstyled, with outdated powertrains. Put a direct injected turbo V6 mated to a 6 speed manual or a DCT, then you can call it a 4 door sports car. I will admit, the interior is very nice and upscale.
  • modestlyfrugalmodestlyfrugal Member Posts: 16
    The UGLIEST Maxima to date...Pontiac Aztec ugliness.
  • auprofauprof Member Posts: 2
    I have to say, I'm somewhat surprised by the comments above. While the styling is certainly polarizing, I really like it and thought it a classy, yet aggressive departure from some of the competition. Personally, I am not in the market for a vehicle in this class, but if I was I would certainly give it a test drive. All in the eye of the beholder I guess.
  • fandswfandsw Member Posts: 37
    CVT? Next........ Come on Nissan, get over this love affair with CVTs. Other manufacturers offer manuals, DCTs, and even regular automatics that offer a great driving experience, why can't you?
  • fordescortgtfordescortgt Member Posts: 32
    I was looking at this car and said man it is so over styled, but on a second look I also thought that if it came out to generic we would all say it is drawing from X,Y,Z. Although I do not love it I think once the move all cars to new design language and soften this with the refresh it will look better and we will all get use to it. The front end styling I really cannot take is toyota and Lexus. That pinched waist look does not work on many of their models but there it is.
  • patinthecitypatinthecity Member Posts: 40
    edited April 2015
    It's right up there with the Lexus RC and NX for rub-you-the-wrong-way styling. Though to Maxima's credit, it at least looks more cohesive ugly where the Lexus looks loose ended and muddled ugly.
  • fintailfintail Member Posts: 55,979
    The bucktooth corporate grille is really ...um...something. Nissan and Toyolex designers are both chugging down the same crack-tainted drinks, perhaps.
  • mittzombiemittzombie Member Posts: 162
    edited April 2015
    Are car makers having an ugly grill contest?

    This is one car I would have to see in person, its not that bad, but it is kind or weird in some places.

    Still don't like CVT's, no options..... That V6 still gets the job done. though it is getting kind of ancient and unrefined.
  • residentparksresidentparks Member Posts: 43
    My next vehicle
  • subatomicsubatomic Member Posts: 140
    I won't criticize the new Maxima's "daring" styling but I do hope that there is no torque steer in this new model. Torque steer has been an issue in previous Maximas and it is difficult to take a car seriously if it is marketed as a performance car and exhibits torque steer.
  • mrrytemrryte Member Posts: 28
    Dear Nissan-
    If you guys are serious about the "4DSC" thing; then PLEASE get rid of the stupid CVT.
  • qristoferqristofer Member Posts: 22
    This is one sleek design...remove or black out the silly chrome piece on the grille and you get a really aggressive looking vehicle
  • houdini1houdini1 Member Posts: 8,269
    Two words...Butt Ugly.

    2013 LX 570 2016 LS 460

  • technetium99technetium99 Member Posts: 2
    Oh. My. God. Ugly!
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 25,326
    edited April 2015
    I blame Audi, of all manufacturers, for kicking off this ugly front-end contest. Back around 2005 or so they started styling the front-end in a fashion that tried to blend the grille with the air dam underneath. I believe some people called it the "bib". Anyway, since then, other auto makers tried it, with varying degrees of success. Then a few years ago Lexus went all-out, combining the "bib" with a 1961 Plymouth, and now it's looking like Nissan is trying to out-Exner Lexus! Oddly though, the whole time, the Audi always seemed to keep it fairly tasteful.
  • zoomzoomnzoomzoomn Member Posts: 143
    I saw this at the NY Auto Show. It's both more impressive and equally odd at the same time. Both this and the new Murano share the same "new look" and both would seem to have the tendency to grow on you. After the lame styling debacle that is the current Pathfinder, I can see why Nissan is taking a chance. Time will tell.
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