Deciding between several 2014 FULL size suv's. Need input!

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Hi all! I've been used suv shopping for 3 days now. Of course, everytime I like an SUV there is something I don't like about it.I'm looking for a LARGE one that's a year or two old and has less than 30,000 miles on it. We aren't in the Lexus or Cadillac price range I've driven the following (all 2014)
GMC Acadia (seats weren't comfy, v6 felt like it couldn't handle the job, and a little small for a full size).
Sequoia (LOVED IT and wanted to take it home! Too expensive)
4Runner I have a 2003 4runner now and love it. I'd like something bigger with lots of bells and whistles.
Nissan Armada- Adored the feel and drive experience. Perfect size. comfy seats and it feels like a solid truck. Only problem is I can't find many ratings or reviews. The reviews I've found rate them around 5 or 6 out of 10 (why??)
Nisan Pathfinder: beautiful and loaded...I felt it was too small
I don't know anything about the Chevy Tahoe, Suburban or GMC Yukon. I'll test drive them next.
I'd LOVE to hear your input on these or suggestions for any other large, full sized suv's that are in the affardable class.
I must have a backing camera, 3rd seat folding flat. Would love all the latest bells and whistles but can't afford them in many of these larger cars.


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    try/compare with the all-seats-fold-flat volvo xc90, should be awesome deals/cpo on 2014s.. i put 100k on a 2004. my first/only truck out of 30 new cars including 2 volvo wagons.. i would buy another volvo. bonus is that xc90 the safest vehicle available in usa since it was introduced in 2003.
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