Can I listen to FM station while the kids listen on headphones to an XM station in the rear?

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I was able to do this in my 2012 Chevy Tahoe. It was the best car feature we ever had! This was without a DVD player. The kids just plugged in headphones through the Auxiliary Input Jacks. Also, we were able to do this on a rented Dodge Caravan with a DVD player. They could listen to XM radio or DVD on headphones and we could listen to AM/FM at the same time.

We just came back from the Toyota dealer and manager said this was not possible on a Sienna. We could buy the DVD feature ($3,000 - crazy) and the kids could only listen to the DVD and we could listen to the radio. So this is possibly a deal breaker for us... He said this is true of all mini van - which is false, I know for sure the Dodge can do it.

And do I have to have the DVD player to have this feature? Or is there a "rear" mode selection?

Thank you.
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