Should I wait for 2016 Macan?

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I have my eye on an Macan 2015. When I asked, The dealer says they will start accepting 2016 order around June, and start delivery of 2016 in August. Should I wait for 2016 model? From what I can tell the change is very minimum, and the base price will be raised from $49,900 to $52,600. Any advice?


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    Be nice to have it for the summer driving season.
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    You are right, I could not wait. One of the local dealer got a 2015 that was built, and the original buyer changed mind for a Cayenne. It fits my taste almost exactly: Black/Black, 20 inch sportdesign wheels with Porsche crest, informaintent & premium plus package, 3-zone, Bose, lane change, comfort light. The only option I did not care was comfort light, still not sure what it does. The dealer gave me $1K off. If I build a 2016, there will be a bit over $2K price increase plus no discount, and wait for 3 months. I bought it a week ago. Love driving it.
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    Sweet - congrats!
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    What were the specs and final pricing?  Did you lease or buy?
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    $64,625.00 - $1000 + 3% tax + tag/title fee. Total was about $66.5K.
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    1 95BAB1 Macan S 49,900.00
    2 A1 Black 0.00
    3 VC Standard Interior in Black 0.00
    4 CY4 20" Macan SportDesign Wheels 1,260.00
    5 9VL BOSE® Surround Sound System 1,400.00
    6 9AQ 3-zone Climate Control 510.00
    7 7Y1 Lane Change Assist (LCA) 690.00
    8 7X8 ParkAssist (Front and Rear) with Reversing Camera 0.00
    9 3S1 Roof Rails in Aluminum Finish 380.00
    10 1NP Wheel Center Caps with Colored Porsche Crest 185.00
    11 PP8 Comfort Lighting Package 325.00
    12 PJ3 Premium Package Plus 5,990.00
    13 PJ1 Infotainment Package 2,990.00
    14 PE5 Power Seats (14-way) with Memory Package 0.00
    Total Retail Vehicle Price 63,630.00
    Destination Charge 995.00
    Total of Charges & Taxes 995.00
    Total Retail Price 64,625.00
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    I bought it.
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