Fog light/bumper catching on fire

jasmine80jasmine80 Member Posts: 2
edited April 2015 in Toyota
My husband was stopped at a light Thursday night when a woman began pointing frantically to our 2012 Toyota Venza....and started screaming that his car was on fire..When my husband ran out, he swatted at the fire, burning his hands. The fire was coming from the fog light and had caught to the bumper.. Thankfully he wasn't on the highway when this occurred because this could have been soo much worse!! When we took the car to Toyota they said they never heard of this, and informed us if its not covered in our extended warranty we will have to pay???? I'm just shocked, whose car turns on fire???!! This is insane and ridiculous for Toyota to even insinuate this..mind you one of the reps informed me, someone's battery just exploded last week inside a brand new car ruining the entire engine and the guy had to come out of pocket over $3,200 because it was not included in the wear and tear in his warranty!!??? Has anyone heard of anything like this happening to them? I'm at a loss and wondering what could have triggered this?
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