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imageThe 1.5-star Entune App - 2014 Toyota Highlander Limited Long-Term Road Test

We install entune on an iPhone and check out how well (or poor) Toyota's Entune smartphone app works with our 2014 Toyota Highlander.

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  • ebeaudoinebeaudoin Member Posts: 509
    I can't wait until CarPlay and Android Auto arrive. Those sort of systems make so much more sense in my opinion.
  • banhughbanhugh Member Posts: 315
    I can't wait for the news story of the smart car that was hacked and either get stolen, used for a joy ride (the Camry is safe I suppose) or the owner being pranked with the car stereo blaring in the middle of the night all of a sudden.
  • stuntman_mikestuntman_mike Member Posts: 57
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    I feel badly for those of you pinning your hopes on Apple CarPlay to be the answer. I've had it since last fall and it was so underwhelming that I disabled it less than two weeks later. The sentence, "One continual issue with these systems, in my opinion, is that it's typically easier to just run the various apps you like in their native phone environment rather than fiddling around to get them integrated with your vehicle's touchscreen," is very apropos for CarPlay as well. Here are examples:

    1) Getting into the CarPlay user environment (aside from having to accept another legal warning page over and above the one that presents itself when the head unit itself starts) allows you access to an underwhelming amount of applications that function with it. User interfaces for those are quite unattractive and have quite limited functionality.

    2) CarPlay will seize control of your head unit instead of working with it. I have the Escort Live radar detector app running on my iPhone (CarPlay doesn't support it) while listening to another source such as Sirius XM or HD Radio. If the radar detector receives an alert, it switches from that other source to iPod. You have to manually change it back to the original source until it happens again 20 seconds when the next alert shows up. iPhone with CarPlay runs roughshod over whatever the headunit is doing.

    It's not all bad. I will say that the voice dictation of text messages was nice, and it was easy to access Podcasts. But Pioneer's UI is a lot cleaner; and it was just as easy for me to launch apps from the phone since my iPhone is mounted next to my headunit with a ProClip setup.

    I have nothing to back this up, but felt like allowing Pioneer to have CarPlay so soon was their way of beta testing prior to large scale OEM integration? Maybe things will improve. I hope so. But for those of you waiting for almighty Apple to save the day, temper your expectations.
  • tom_in_mntom_in_mn Member Posts: 61
    Android version has 3.5 stars and complaints seem to be mostly about older versions. I mainly use it for the stored locations feature that let's me look up an address on my phone and get it into the Nav system. I just wish there were more ways than just a bing search to find an address, integration with a calendar would be slick.

  • pralmanacpralmanac Member Posts: 1
    Entune is a piece of [email protected]! Don't put a $38 piece of garbage software into a $38K 4Runner and expect your customers to thank you for it. The Entune update in November of 2015 (that's 5 solid months ago) busted my MP3 player and because Toyota has a proprietary monopoly on the in-dash system I just have to take it from them. I hate my 4Runner! Buyers beware!
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