Car won't start after driving it for 10+ minutes

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I have a 1.8L 95 Corolla that's been giving me issues for the past 2 weeks. (The wagon edition so I'm reluctant to give this baby up :cool: )

After driving the car for 15 + minutes, I have to wait anywhere from 10-25 minutes to start the car back up again. Depending on how long I've driven for. So the car is having trouble starting on a warm engine is what I'm saying.

At first the car started normally in the morning, but as of late the first start of the day is a little rough. It'll crank normally for a second, do a very quick pause, crank again and start right up. It always starts cold though.

I've played around with it a little and after letting the car sit for an hour after driving is when it starts best; and by best I mean like normal. If I let it run for a minute then try starting it again the second start isn't as strong and takes a second longer.

3 weeks before this started happening I forgot to put my oil cap back on... Drove for half an hour and when I got out I noticed Oil was all over the front of my car. It was also all over the engine. I wiped off what I could, but not sure if this could have affected the wiring at all.

Next time I'm out I'm going to hit the starter with a hammer to see if it's the starter solenoid getting stuck. I've also ordered a new coolant temp sensor since it's a cheap part.

Keep in mind I'm not familiar with the engine, so I don't know where some things are. However I've done all the work on the car myself up until now, and I'm not planning on paying a garage. I did take it to a shop and they said it was the distributor, but they also didn't test anything and gave me a $600 estimate to replace it...

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