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Power Steering loss - Dont know where else to turn

cde311cde311 Member Posts: 1
edited April 2015 in Chrysler
Pacifica, standard, 4.0L engine
When I splash a puddle of water on the passenger side, my accessory/serpentine belt squeaks, bogs down the motor, power steering loss happens, sometimes the engine dies.

3 mechanics have not been able to pinpoint what is going on, aside from the fact that it is getting wet somehow. I can recreate the issue mostly by getting the belt wet while the engine is running and idle. 2 of the mechanics have had an OEM exploded diagram of that entire section sent to them to make sure no splash guards/shields or shrouds were missing and they are all in tact.

I noticed that on the 2005 model, there was a TSB about this similar issue. One being "replace the splash shield for the accessory belt with this new part number" and the other was a TSB about "the splash shield is missing completely" They verified that the new revised part number is what is actually on my vehicle so we are at a loss.

The belt is fairly new and looks fine as far as a visual inspection. Someone suggested the tensioner arm might not be doing its job properly. Any suggestions?


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