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Doesn't Remember - 2014 BMW i3 Long-Term Road Test

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imageDoesn't Remember - 2014 BMW i3 Long-Term Road Test

I like a lot of things about our 2014 BMW i3, but the car's short-term memory is not one of them.

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    kirkhilles1kirkhilles1 Member Posts: 863
    Yeah, no excuses there given the number of computers and available permanent storage. I don't see why it wouldn't/couldn't remember the setting of every electronic switch and setting. You should turn on your car and it should be on the same audio station at the same volume with temperature and other settings all set.
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    grijongrijon Member Posts: 147
    edited April 2015
    Yep; agreed.
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    darexdarex Member Posts: 187
    Can be coded to "remember."
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    jakek66jakek66 Member Posts: 60
    I haven't been in a car yet that remembers to stay in it's ECO mode after you turn it off/back on. I've nNEVER seen a car that doesn't remember HVAC controls though - going back through the mid 90's. That's crazy!
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    anotherdrunkanotherdrunk Guest Posts: 30
    edited April 2015
    mine does it and it drives me crazy

    its a simple code fix

    did you know theres another 12v outlet under the dash?
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    stillageekstillageek Member Posts: 114
    There should be a visual indication of being in Eco Pro...blue Eco Pro being illuminated to the right of the fan buttons. Eco Pro + lights up as well...but yes the whole memory thing....bleh
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    benson2175benson2175 Member Posts: 68
    Turning the HVAC back on is very presumptuous and uncalled for.
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    b3n3rb3n3r Member Posts: 1
    Isn't the seat fabric hemp or something in this car? Just sayin...
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    chol92594chol92594 Member Posts: 208
    I can't stand little inconveniences like this on modern cars that are supposed to be so advanced and innovative. My mother's Tiguan remembers HVAC settings, but for some reason, it won't always remember the settings for the heated seats. Sometimes, they'll come on at their previously set level, but if it's been longer since the car was last driven (I'm taking a difference of a 15-30min vs. a few hours), the heaters won't come back on. Additionally, the stereo/nav system can take a little bit to reconnect to a phone via Bluetooth, even if the ignition is cycled off and then back on again within seconds. It's annoying when you just want to get in and drive without fussing and waiting for the system to connect to your phone.

    It may not be as lavish, but there's something to be said for the manual HVAC in my 2009 Civic. All the adjustments stay set where they are and the heated seats are controlled by toggle switches, so they always keep the same setting between ignition cycles.
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    almost2litersalmost2liters Member Posts: 1
    Honestly, this is my biggest beef with my i3. The whole "you turned the car on, obviously you want AC" thing. That and how it doesn't stay in the last driving mode. Really tempted to get it coded so it remembers these.

    If I want the AC, I will turn it on. End of story.
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