has anyone tried z-max

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I am looking for info on z-max . PLEASE dont respond if you dont use it or are against it.I am looking to hear from people who use it or have used it in their vehicle.


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    I have not used it, but I noticed they offered it at my local Ford dealership. They market it pretty heavily. Anyway, while reading my owner's manual (what a thought, right?), I noticed it says use of aftermarket additives will void the warranty. Interesting.

    Also, the manual says not to use aftermarket additives for the first 2000 miles especially, because the additional lubrication will prevent the pistons from seating properly.

    So I asked the guys at my Ford dealership about the contradiction. They said they recommend it for high mileage cars. But that is not what Zmax's marketing literature says...
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    "The Federal Trade Commission has filed suit in U. S. District Court seeking to halt false and misleading advertising for zMax auto additives and has asked the court to order refunds to consumers who bought the products. The agency alleges that enhanced performance claims for the product are unsubstantiated, that tests cited to support performance claims actually demonstrated that motor oil treated with zMax produced more than twice as much bearing corrosion than motor oil alone"

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    when it had 1500 miles on it. It was recommended by Tiresplus. I am p.o.ed now. It wasn't Zmax but it was similar snake oil. What about the pictures their literature shows where the valves are all dirty, and then if the additive is used it is crystal clean? Go FTC!
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    1) good margin over cost

    2) fast seller

    3) good POS sales aids

    4) customer can't tell difference good or bad within 90 days.

    prove me wrong.......
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    engine, I'll just use the Zmax once a year, that will fix everything like new!
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    I used z-max in my last car, an 85 accord with 195,000 miles. Used it 3 times in 1 1/2 years thru 11,000 miles. In my experience, none of their claims worked, it didn't improve gas mileage, performance or emissions inspections (failed inspection a month after treatment). I still have a full package of it but I will not use it as I've heard more bad things than good about this product...
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    Especially since the owner's manual says it will void the warranty.
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    I just can't avoid stopping in two or three times a week to be sure I have enough Ford ties and T-shirts for my official meetings.......

    none of which adds a single horsepower to the truck....
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    I just like the company.
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    that the Land Rover folks like to put a product-clothing botique in each dealership, like Harley-Davidson, to be sure to get something from the passers-by. it works, I bought several extra items from the tent when Ford had their hoo-rah, the No Boundaries traveling road show and hill climb, in town in, I think, 2001. souvenirs from your vacation across the freeway....
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