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Accessories For The 015 Chevy Colorado

robertslatez71robertslatez71 Member Posts: 20
It seems that several of these aftermarket parts associated companies have dropped the ball on having parts ready for the 015 chevy colorado release.. Scanning sites, There is a very limited selection and some sites have more options that others.
As of right now, I've selected a couple sites one should bookmark if they are in the market for aftermarket parts and accessories. If I've missed a site, feel free to post your comments/redirects below.

As for those who are waiting to see how many of these aftermarket companies fair with their products, several Colorado owners have taken things into their own hands.. One modification I like is that the forward air dam is too low.. and even though our truck is set up for off road it isn't a 4x4.. but it does appear the air dam is extremely too low for our needs.. One owners has removed the air dam and cut approx 7'' off right at the bend, (http://coloradofans.com/forums/169-appearance-body/231426-modified-air-dam.html thus creating a slimline version.. and we approve.
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