Modification under $2000 - What are the best options?

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Hello everyone!
I'm 22 and new into car engines, specs and details. So, I really need some suggestions for modifications on my old ride.
I'm from Pakistan and I own a white '92 Daihatsu Cuore, the five-door L201 model. It has 840cc ED10 engine, and is 5-speed manual. I guess it goes 0-60MPH in 15 seconds, and produces around 40HP.
Now the car is no fun to drive. So instead of selling it, I prefer to upgrade its engine and modify it in a number of ways. Before I ask my dad for it, I want something solid on my mind. I'm ready to spend $2000 (about 200,000 PKR in Pakistan). The car itself is valued less than 2 grand now. Now I want to make this car an option for casual racing and drifting (I know how to drift - learnt it on Toyota Corolla).
But I have no idea what engines could be fitted and made to work well in this specific car, and what other important changes will be needed. Would a powerful engine, say, a V6 type or any of 3.0-4.0Liter, work in this car and be okay with the steering? How much will it cost? I heard GM small block engines were good and easily swapped in many vehicles - is it going to work with this? And can I make the car go 0-60MPH in some 8 seconds, and make it produce at least 200HP within this budget? How can I make this car good for drifting? By the way, I would love to have nitrous too, but not necessarily within this budget of $2000.
It's okay if all of it crosses a few hundred bucks, but considering my own limited knowledge about cars, all kinds of opinions and suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.
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