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Lights and horn problems and Idle problems too

bobbymarcelandbobbymarceland Member Posts: 1
edited April 2015 in Chrysler
Well i got a Chrysler plymouth grand voyager se 3.3l v6 first thing is the lights are stuck on i tryed replacing the fuses and replays thinking thay were broken but that didnt help then i noticed once i took off the fuses and replays the passenger light is stuck on so i was thinking a faulty replay on fuse, but then now we have the horn its stuck on won't turn off once i pull replay it turns off could it be that the horn may be stuck if so how can i fix that, and last idle problem its might be just a throttle sensor or co2 sensor well it idles fine once started but 1-2 min it starts to idle below 0-1 which i know is unusual then after 3-6min it highs up to 2rpm then back to 1 and remains there for the remainder of time its started. Anyone have awnser please help me out :)


  • eliaselias Member Posts: 2,209
    loose ground wire can cause those electrical symptoms. an oxygen sensor can cause the varying idle. so can failure of part called idle-air-control valve or pump.
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