Both rear side cornering lights will not work

eniced73eniced73 Member Posts: 1
edited April 2015 in Chevrolet
Any help is appreciated. All lights work (turn signals, taillights, headlights, front side cornering lights). I originally had a cornering light out. I pulled it and pulled the corroded sockets. I had to run somewhere and left the wires exposed and pushed back in to put on cover. I ran to where I had to go and when I tried my turn signals they did not work. I replaced all my cornering lights and sockets. Still no go. I then checked the fuse and it was blown for the turn signal. I replaced it and the turn signals now work. The rear cornering lights still do not work even though I replaced the sockets, lights, and turn signal fuse. I can see a wiring box behind the rear bumper by the left rear tail light. I cannot get to it without pulling off the bumper. Could there be a fuse in here that was blown along with the turn signal fuse due to the exposed wires? Any help is appreciated.
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