Lane Departure Warning availability?

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I'm having a difficult time finding a station wagon/hatchback/mini-SUV with manual transmission and lane departure warning (safety). Can anybody recommend some models that fit this bill?



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    It's probably the manual that's killing your options, since US manufacturers usually want to stick manuals in "base" cars.

    Any more, it's hard to find a car with a manual transmission, much less on in a higher trim.

    Here's a current list from Jalopnik you can at least start with, but you'll have to research every one to see which offer lane departure.

    Every Manual Transmission Available Today

    Here's another option:

    How to update any car with forward-collision and lane-departure warnings (
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    Thanks, I didn't know about the Mobileye option - that opens up many possibilities!
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    Did you buy your most recent car at least in part because you were drawn to the car's automated safety features (such as adaptive cruise control, parking assist, automatic braking, lane departure warnings, etc.)? If so, a reporter would like to hear your story. Please contact [email protected] by no later than Monday, April 20, 2015.
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