any problems with 6.0 powerstroke

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i work at a county ems and we have recently purchased a new truck. 2003 6.0 powerstroke. outside the ems i have heard of several complaints on the new engine. we only have 2500 miles on the truck and i am noticing some glitches. none serious enough to take the truck out of service YET.


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    You might try going to "" There is a fairly extensive discussion forum over there on every Ford diesel since the 6.9 IDI's. There is an entire section devoted to the new 6.0's, so I know you'll find tons of info.

    I only know of one guy with a new 6.0 and he hasn't had it long enough to say one way or the other.
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    Interesting reading. I got discouraged and quit though.
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    I didnt post it to start any trouble. Alot of it seemed like speculation. I havent read it in awhile is there actual info now or still speculation?
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    Seemed to be a lot of speculation at this point. I haven't been keeping up with the 6.0 as well as I would like, but I haven't heard that much bad.
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    we are now experiencing some problems that correct themselves. just as reading in ( =96838) the truck has shut itself off at redlights then on restart no problems. on one occasion the truck would not accelerate over 60mph, then on restart had no problems. don't get me wrong when the truck is running good it is a very sweet truck. thanks for your input.
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