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Buick Enclave AC Problems

lsfthlsfth Posts: 2
edited April 2015 in Buick
After reading other forums on the same problems with the Buick Enclave's AC problems, I am perplexed as why GM hasn't recalled the vehicles to solve this problem. The AC on my Buick Enclave has never worked well in high temp/high humidity days since I bought the car brand new. I usually keep the Auto Temp set at 78 in the Summer and 74 in the winter. My problems started out with the front AC not putting out cold air, but the rear AC was working fine. Eventually the rear AC stopped working as well. They replaced a valve last Summer. The problem returned in the Fall (after the repair, the air was never as cold as it was before it stopped working properly). I didn't take it back in because I didn't need AC in the winter. But in the winter, the heat quit working on the front passenger side. I thought I finally had time and money to take it in to be repaired recently. I was wrong...

Now Sewell Buick Service Dept is telling me it needs an AC evaporator coil leak repaired for $1700 and they discovered a new problem...a timing cap needs to be replaced for $2000. My car has not had any oil leaking in my garage at all and no extra oil changes have been the timing cap came as a complete shock. The Service Advisor said that was because it was slinging the oil when I was driving and it was falling into a cap so I would not have noticed it. I called my brother who owns his own mechanic shop in another state...he said the explanation on the timing cap does not make any sense. :(

NOT HAPPY!! I have loved my Enclave (except for these ongoing AC/Heating problems. I have even had others purchase one after I raved about mine. It is a beautiful and comfortable vehicle. After dealing with these ongoing problems and realizing I am not the only one (after reading the forums online) I doubt I will purchase another GM car. My husband is still driving our 2001 Ford Expedition, and it does not have anywhere near the problems my 2009 Enclave has had.


  • yjbridgesyjbridges Posts: 1
    edited July 2015
    I wish I'd have found this forum a week ago!!! I just bought a 2008 Buick Enclave with over 100k miles on it. Absolutely love GM vehicles and love my Enclave, except for the crappy AC. Like many other people, I don't understand why GM wouldn't issue a recall on something like this, considering SO many people are complaining!! I live in central Minnesota, and in the summer we face extreme heat (for Minnesotans anyway) and having a vehicle without AC is excruciating! I'm dreading taking this thing to my mechanic to find out that I have to pay thousands of dollars to fix a brand new (to me) vehicle, when I'm already in the hole many thousands of dollars to the bank for it. A "luxury SUV" should have a more than substantial cooling system!!! You'd think after all these years of poor cooling systems, GM would issue a recall, or design the enclave without cooling issues. I'm very upset, as I have always had great experience with GM up until now. I guess when my husband decides to buy a new vehicle next year, we won't go with GM.
  • nicbfrustratednicbfrustrated Posts: 1
    edited August 2016
    Have had my 2010 Buick Enclave for 3 years now. Fourth time it is in the shop for air conditioning. Extremely frustrated and ready to trade it in and never go back to a Buick.  I don't understand how they say they fixed the problem and then a week later it doesn't work. Extremely disappointed in PA!  
  • I was thinking of getting 16 Enclave guess I should do my more research
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