Rusted Frame

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I could not decide if I felt better or worse after reading about all of the company I have regarding the torally rusted frame on our Tacoma. We had purchased five trucks and had been very happy with them until now. We took it in for a flat tire and were shown how it had a buckled tissue quality frame . It is now a worthless piece of junk. I had the big runaround when I called. We only had 130k on it and it had been housed in a heated garage for all of these years. We figured we could drive it for a long time in the future. The outside looks great. The motor never used a drop of oil When I saw how many others were mistreated like this, it seems we could have a class action suit here. They do it for medications all the time, why not this matter? We certainly never received any notice about its having a need for any treatment. If they did really send them out, which I doubt, it seems they were ALL misdirected. How could that be? And if notices were sent, does that not mean that the knowledge of liability lay there with them all along? I wrote my letter to their headquarters. I am sure it will have a great impact! HA HA....I shall never even remotely consider the Toyota as a viable vehicle in our future.
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