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image8 Reasons To Buy From a Car Dealer's Top Salesperson | Edmunds.com

One of the easiest ways to have a great experience while car shopping is to work with a great salesperson.

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  • henry4hirehenry4hire Member Posts: 106
    Very well written article! Kudos Matt.
  • argeebeeargeebee Arcadia, FLMember Posts: 1
    Most important is "HONEST". Nobody wants to deal with someone who will say anything to make the sale. Everyone has dealt with a salesman who will say whatever the buyer wants to hear to make a sale. What the salesman says needs to accurately describe what the salesman is conveying, whether it is about the car's features or about the pending deal. Nothing turns off a prospective buyer like catching the salesman in a lie.
  • henry4hirehenry4hire Member Posts: 106
    I used to work as a marketing manager (amongst many other job titles) at a dealership and sometimes I would pitch in and help the salesman if it got really busy. Since I didn't really care too much about a sale (in the sense that I did not get commission...I passed it on to the salesman that completed the deal) I just talked honestly with customers and showed them cars I truly believe fit them well (not just whatever needed to get sold) and a few months I ended up selling more cars than some salesman. When the buyers wanted to sign the paperwork, I would get up to leave and they were like, where are you going? I would say I am not a salesman...and they would respond...so that's why we liked you!
  • clachnitclachnit CaliforniaMember Posts: 35
    Thanks for the great comments so far. More and more dealerships are abandoning commissions--this story includes some examples and pro/con arguments about commission-based sales. http://www.edmunds.com/car-buying/saying-good-bye-to-commission-based-car-sales.html
    --Carroll Lachnit, features editor, Edmunds.com
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