Ongoing electrical problems

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In spite of all the excellent advice I received previously, my turn signal problem didn't go away. I changed a suspicious fuse, then a bulb, and yet the rear turn signals refused to work. The vehicle was taken to a repair shop for evaluation. In the course of tracing back the various problems, the tech found a connector with five wires attached tucked out of the way behind the steering column. After many attempts at finding anything to plug it into, he decided it was perhaps the connector for a different steering wheel, such as one with radio control functions or other controls. It sort of makes sense, but I was wondering if anyone could confirm that the factory would in fact pre-wire the truck for different steering wheel configurations. I have attached a snap shot of the connector. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    It is common to find harnesses that are made to accommodate options that a vehicle isn't necessarily built with. It's actually cheaper to do that then to make dozens of different harnesses for all of the varying option combinations.
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