Car not starting randomly

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I’ve an issue going on with 1997 Nissan Sentra GXE that mechanics couldn’t even figure out. The detail is that I was going through transmission problem for a while so finally decided to get the transmission rebuilt. While rebuilding the transmission the mechanic informed about changing the starter and two of the engine mounts that I agreed. Two days after this all was done the car stopped at a grocery store and didn’t start then the towing truck came and said there could be problem with either the starter or the battery and gave me a jump start. I got the battery replaced the same week. But again at least 2-3 times a day the car wouldn’t start and then I try many times changing the gear to neutral and then press break and after a few tries the car would start. Then one day this trick even didn’t work, so finally mechanic suggested to change the alternator switch, that again I agreed. The car was fine for 4-5 days and again wouldn’t start. It is unpredictable that when would it start and when not.
One thing I’d like to mention is that for about 2-3 years I had electrical problem with my car that would cause locking and unlocking the car by itself but this problem went away after getting the transmission fixed. My intuition is that something did happen in the process of rebuilding the transmission that caused some electrical issues, but I’m unable to convince the mechanic since he is stubborn on that transmission working fine. Any idea what is causing the car not to start randomly? Thank you!


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    symptoms are consistent with failure of the brake pedal's ignition-lockout switch.
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