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imageIt's the Best - 2015 Porsche Macan S Long-Term Road Test

If you want a small luxury crossover and can afford a 2015 Porsche Macan S just go buy one.

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  • kirkhilles1kirkhilles1 Member Posts: 863
    You guys better pick up a Model X once it's released. That will be an interesting comparison.
  • bigthumbbigthumb Member Posts: 4
    We bought one and it is the best....and we test them all, thecarfamily reviews
  • sharp_caisharp_cai Member Posts: 11
    It's a lot expensive compare with other models you have mentioned.
  • carsincltcarsinclt Member Posts: 2
    waiting for mine to arrive...CANT WAIT!
  • s197gts197gt Member Posts: 486
    edited April 2015
    my brother bought a used porsche boxster and it has ruined every other car for me. i have never liked the idea of being a porsche owner but i'll probably get one some day... but a cayman s.
  • gtfranklingtfranklin Member Posts: 5
    He's right. I've had mine 1 year and two days, and it's crazy good. Yes it's expensive...was $9K premium over X-3 35i that I was planning to buy. But imo worth it. Most fun since my E36 M3. Macan is the best combination of handling and ride I've ever experienced.
  • giddyhitchgiddyhitch Member Posts: 2
    As a counterpoint, the Macan is small, lacks low end grunt, is priced at a class above its competition, and I'm sorry but its interior just isn't that special of a place to be. There are so many redeeming qualities about it though - prime amOng them it's gorgeous looks and superb handling (esp with PASM with A/S). I'm going with an SQ5 instead but it's been a difficult decision process for me.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Member Posts: 1,798
    Macan seems nice though costly. Supposedly folks in Sweden did a so called high speed "Moose test" and discovered the Macan simply plowed through it (apparently due to dynamic vehicle control designed to prevent vehicle rollover, so said Porsche). Was that an early production glitch? Has Edmunds done a similar high speed maneuver and run into any issues like that?
  • agentorangeagentorange Member Posts: 893
    The "Moose Test" is an extremely severe double lane change unlike anything I have ever seen before. It looks like the initial swerve is dealt with just fine, but the swerve to get back into lane does not go so well. However, I suspect that the test will find the odd corners of many a stability control systems.
  • jchen368jchen368 Member Posts: 10
    I've had my Macan S for about 8 months and I LOVE it! It was one of the best decisions I have made. I looked at other SUVs- NX, RX, SQ5, Cayenne - ... and the Macan S is just special. Hard to describe - you have to test drive one and compare for yourself.

    I think its absolutely worth the extra 10-15k for me because I was comparing it to sporty sedans (Tesla Model S, Maserati Ghibli) and sports cars (Cayman S, Carrera). The Macan S may not be as fast as these other cars, but it offered the best balance of a fast car with a great driving experience (9/10) + functionality (9/10) + reasonable price (8/10). The Tesla Model S came in #2 for me.
  • huntzingerhuntzinger Member Posts: 356

    As a counterpoint, the Macan is small, lacks low end grunt, is priced at a class above its competition, ...


    For example, on size (& hauling), if one wants something that's fun while also being a bit bigger than the GTI, there really isn't much before you get to the Macan ... especially if you're looking more upscale than VW.

    Similarly, there's plenty of products with "off the line" grunt .. but Teutonic products have had a longstanding design philosophy that emphasizes handling over mere horsepower -- and in this regards, the Macan cleans up when it comes to handling.

    On interior, my wife likes the Macan better than all of the Audi's she's owned in the past 25 years.

    Finally, on price vs the competition. When I did my search, I found that with one exception (the Allroad), all of my short list were all within a $5K range, and the most expensive wasn't the Macan, but rather was the SQ5.

  • DLuDLu Member Posts: 94
    I came away from two test drives of the 2017 S6 very disappointed. In fact, I gave up on looking for a fun to drive car and looked at the GS 350 FSport, then pulled the trigger for a 340i xDrive with a manual -- because if none of the moder sedans can be fun to drive, at least I'll get the involvement of a manual. Then I made the fatal mistake (because what am I going to do with the 340i now?) of test driving a used Macan GTS. I bought a new one the next day because it has restored my faith of the idea of a fun-to-drive 5-passenger vehicle. If you are looking for a crossover, then probably go for an F Pace because the Macan is more of a hot hatch in terms of height and small interior size. As the author said, test drive one at your own (bank account's) peril!
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