2009 Toyota Prius Road Test

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image2009 Toyota Prius Road Test

An Edmunds.com Road Test Review of the 2009 Toyota Prius featuring reviews of its performance, comfort, function, design and build quality.

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    I purchased a 2009 Prius one year ago and have been very pleased with the decision! Having driven a Celica, several Camrys and Corollas, I am sold on the company and their products. It was time for the Prius, even though my Corolla was getting 40 mpg. I am very pleased with the look, handling roominess and economy of gas consumption. There have been no maintenance costs besides oil changes. I am over 6'2" and feel very comfortable in the driver's seat as well as the back seat. There have been long trips where I have been able to average 48+ mpg.
    I will not hesitate to purchase another Prius a few years from now when this one reaches 250k. I drove my Celica up to 325k before selling it.
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