GL550 only problems so far...

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Just got this family mover four months ago. I was a bit apprehensive given the price and the fact these cars are assembled by Chrysler plants. Beautiful truck, however a multitude of annoyances keep cropping up.
- 1st a large scratch in the finish of the front passenger trim requiring a trip to dealer for exchange.
- Some of the fender panels do not line up well with the rest of the body panels. I think even Hyundai does not have this problem. I'm afraid to mention it because I am not sure the dealer can fix warped panels...
- Tilt function front passenger seat failed
- LED light for air suspension button failed
- Tire pressure sensors started failing
- Soft-close feature of doors is hit and miss. Sometimes it does not work.
- Finally, one morning the car was dead in the garage. A $100K car that would not give any sign of life or start with only 4000 mile on board. Had to have it towed to the dealer where they are still "trying to figure out what happened" and the "battery seems alright". There is definitely something wrong with the electrical system/computers/etc in this vehicle.

At this point I have lost all confidence in the brand. How do I know that the safety systems will not fail when my family is on board traveling? How do I know that the car will start at the airport at night when we come back from a vacation? It seems strange that a car of this value has this multitude of annoying and potentially dangerous problems.

One buys a car in this category for convenience and reliability and the GL550 has disappointed us. We should have gone with the Infinity truck instead. It was also cheaper...
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