HELP! Having serious braking issues!

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Can any of you help? Has anyone here heard of this happening before? Here is what my situation is...

I bought an Elantra 2 years, almost 3 this August, ago. After about 2-3 months, I encountered an issue with the brake system. This is what happens: Intermittently (about once every 3-4 months), when I go to press the brake down, I press it about a fourth of the way down and then the brake PEDAL locks up on me, meaning it won't go down any further OR come back up. It sticks like this normally for only a few seconds. At first I just figured it was a kink in the link that it had from being a new purchase, bought brand new from the dealer. However, after about the 3rd or 4th time, I began to get concerned. I brought it to my husband's attention, where he didn't seem to concerned due to a miss communication. He thought it was the brakes (brake pads) themselves causing an issue, and so when we had them replaced, he thought it would all be okay. So, it still continues to happen. I took it to our local maintenance person this April when it happened again, but this time held for longer than normal and sent me sliding into a curb as I went to turn. Thankfully, I was turning, so the curb stopped me from sliding out into oncoming traffic. Anywho! To make a long story short... Local car maintenance people couldn't recreate it and sent me on to the dealer. Dealer can't recreate it and wants me to come test drive it. I will be going this Saturday, however I fear it won't happen again since it happened earlier this month. And the dealer told me that they will be sending the car back with me if they can't recreate it this time.

Is there something I can do to hold them accountable? This is a severe brake issue, putting people in danger when I drive it now. It used to unstick itself within several seconds, but this last time it held for nearly half a minute & didn't even come back until several seconds after collision with the curb! It is still under warranty, and I need help. I don't think they can just give it back to me with a severe problem like this, but I don't know where that information would be recorded in the warranty documentation. I've had several people tell me that warranties usually mean they either have to fix a serious issue like this, or they have to swap the car. Anyone know where this information can be found in the warranty for a 2012 Hyundai Elantra? And have you ever heard of a brake issue like this before, with this type of car or any car. They said they've tested the brake booster and it didn't seem faulty, and the only thing they say they haven't looked at is the master cylinder. So, I don't know what the issue is. Everything we thought it could have been related to, they say they've tested and it has come back fine. So, please! I am in need of serious help.

Thank you guys so much!
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