Need some info on why My S-10 has grinding feeling in front end.

badcombadcom Member Posts: 2
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:@ Trying to figure out why I get a grinding felling in the front left tire when I turn left or right. 99s10  4.3 2wd . Tires are new. I do know over the past winter I slid and hit a fairly small snow drift that jerked the truck to the left. A few weeks later as I came to a stop there was grinding like my pads on left front were shot, however the pads are New as well they still look New. I took tire off to check out pads and caliber look New as well. But now my steering is loose as it wasn't b4. Any thoughts on other possibities. The truck does have 160000+ miles but it drives and even shifts like it is New. Everything mechanical has been well taken care of from New brakes to New driveshafts wheel bearings. I am lost as to what the problem is any help and ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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