Transmission failure

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Broke down on Tuesday 3/24/15 on 695 and was towed to Russell Toyota. Thirteen days and nearly $5,800, including rental, later we got the van back. On 3/31 was told van would be ready on 4/1 at 5:15 pm. We are from Harrisburg, PA so family drove down on 4/3 only to be told van wasn't done and to come back on Saturday. Called on Saturday and still wasn't ready. Called on Monday and still not done. Although I was told to leave at 2:30 and it would be done till I got there. Got another call at 3 and told me it still wasn’t done. In this thirteen day period I called Toyota National who only agreed to cover the cost of the rental, up to $500.00. I also called Russell's service manager, general manager, and customer relations manager, none of whom would call me back. I have since called again for the general manager, who is apparently the only one that can provide a regional manager's contact info., and still no call back. He did finally email but still not with the requested info. No one can explain to me why a 5 year old van with 72,000 miles needs a new transmission and why this new transmission only comes with a one year warranty even though it should be the same one going into a vehicle coming off the factory line that gets a 3 year, 36,000 mi. warranty.
The breakdown and cost to repair is bad enough but the lack of a warranty and lack of concern about customer satisfaction is inexcusable. It is readily apparent that Toyota has not made a connection between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. I had a mechanical failure on a Chevrolet years ago outside of the warranty and in order to show some responsibility Chevy provided a voucher for significant discount on the future purchase of a new Chevy. Unless Toyota addresses this to my satisfaction I can pretty well guarantee that we will never buy another Toyota and will certainly never recommend them to anyone.
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