Sedan or SUV for long commute

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Hi Everyone,

I'm considering getting one of the following:
1. Toyota Camry 2015
2. Toyota RAV4 2015
3. Mazda CX-5 2015

Which one do you think is better for a commute? Will a compact SUV costs more to own than a sedan?

Also, some suggests getting a hybrid, is it really worth it getting? I used to like Prius.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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    Kind of depends on whether you think gas prices are going to go back up or not. And hybrids tend to have lots of tech that some people really like fooling around with.

    But if you don't drive them forever, the depreciation may whack you. (Electric vehicles lose buzz - Detroit News)


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    joelly said:

    Also, some suggests getting a hybrid, is it really worth it getting? I used to like Prius.

    Might be a good time to shop one. No one else is so negotiating could be easier. :)
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    If no one else is buying a hybrid then I shouldn't either, right?
  • joellyjoelly Member Posts: 9
    So no hybrid for me.

    For long commute, will a compact suv be more expensive to maintain than a sedan? What do you think?

    My employer will be paying for gas.
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    Generalizing again, but the Camry will be a bit more expensive to insure than the RAV4 but the maintenance costs will be less. Over five years, the RAV4 will cost about $2,000 more to own and operate. Not quite a wash, but pretty close.

    You can drill down to the various cars you are interested in and most will have Ownership Costs listed.

    btw, the only of the three you have listed that I've driven is the Mazda. It was a fun test drive. :)
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    Love the Mazda. Zoom zoom!!!! It's hard to explain THAT to my husband who is pro Toyota and/or Honda. He is going to test drive CX-5 on Sunday though.

    Can't find the ownership costs for Mazda cx-5. :disappointed:
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    Yeah this link for the 2015 CX-5 is incomplete. The 2014 True Cost to Own numbers shouldn't be too different though.

    My wife was rolling her eyes a bit as I zoomed around a roundabout on our test drive. Maybe let hubby drive first (you may want to stay in the showroom LOL).
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    2nd the CX 5. I just think all Mazda's drive better than the equivalent vehicles from the competition.
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    Drive the Mazda. Drive the Camry. Don't rule out the Camry hybrid which has been very reliable. See which one you like better. Any reason you're leaving off the Mazda6? Maybe you would like a Mazda sedan better than the CX5.
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    I didn't test drive the mazda 6 cause I like mazda 3 hatchback better.  Test drive mazda 3 hatchback and cx-5 then I feel I like cx-5 better. :smile: 

    Rav4 and camry crash testing is not as good as mazda cx-5.
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    For low cost of owership I'd stick with a Camry or Rav4, and avoid a Hybrid, in case you are planning to keep it for 20 years and issues pop up towards later years of ownership with batteries etc.

    Mazda might be more fun to drive but they are a tad tight inside and might have a heavier ride and feel than Toyotas.

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