Traction system, and ABS

selecroy24selecroy24 Member Posts: 3
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I don't know what to do....i bought my car about 7 months ago its a 2003 cx, its overall a good car but lately everytime i hit the brakes it pulses and the light saying (traction active) comes on then it will say (service traction system) an all the lights come on (abs, and anti-lock) i love my car, i dont understand why GM want do anything to fix this issue ive seen so many complaints an still the company want do anything?? But due to this issue, ill never buy a buick again... ill stick with a foreign made car then american.. GM PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!!!!


  • skyisthelimitskyisthelimit Las Vegas, Nevada, USAMember Posts: 46
    Have it checked by a mechanic? Once the issue is fixed you can decide if you want to sell the car.
  • dakota93dakota93 Member Posts: 1
    I had the same problem,but it is a cheap fix by replacing 2 wire harness from each front wheel,I obtained the part from my local napa store, good luck
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