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Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Struggle to Maintain Owner Loyalty, Reports Edmunds.com

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imageHybrid and Electric Vehicles Struggle to Maintain Owner Loyalty, Reports Edmunds.com

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — April 21, 2015 — Car buyers are trading in hybrid and electric cars for SUVs at a higher rate than ever before, according to a new analysis from car-buying platform Edmunds.com. The analysis offers a surprising look at how today's gas prices are drawing hybrid and EV owners toward gas-guzzling vehicles at a much more accelerated pace than in recent years.

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    egolphegolph Member Posts: 2
    Or folks are waiting for the over-100 mile range EVs to pounce back into that market
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    omarsultanomarsultan Member Posts: 4
    I see you once again lump all hybrids in with EVs, I assume to support your editorial viewpoint. How about some other data points: PlugIn America surveyed 900 EV owners and 98% said they would buy another EV or plug-in hybrid. Or how about an industry metric like Net Promoter Score, where 50 is considers a strong score for an auto manufacturer and Tesla scores a 96.6 after three years, the Chevy Volt scores 85.2 and the Nissan LEAF scores 49.8. Or how about the Consumers Reports Owner Sat survey which asked "would you definitely buy this car again" 98% of Tesla, 85% of Volt, 85% of Energi, and 77% of LEAF owners said yes?
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    wdavis4692wdavis4692 Member Posts: 1
    Stupid, stupid article. Is this site funded by the gas crowd? If anything, EVs are rapidly gaining loyalty, where hybrids are losing it. Combining the two into the same category to produce skewed results and then claiming EV's are losing loyalty? Beyond dumb.... beyond dumb. You call yourselves car people?
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    jmhaysjmhays Member Posts: 1
    I would like to see the actual data used as research for this article. I for one am calling BS. Did the author lump SUV "hybrid" in with plug in Electric vehicles? That is the way it looks in this article. Also, "The number represents a sharp increase from 18.8 percent last year", when does a 4% increase (from 18 to 22% represent "a sharp increase"?
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    jesscaldwelljesscaldwell Member Posts: 2
    Based on our transaction data, we actually see lower loyalty rates for PEVs than hybrids. For instance, when looking at the most well-known and best selling PEVs, Volt and Leaf, they have a lower loyalty rates then the traditional Prius model.

    In Q1 2015, 28% of people trading-in a Leaf purchased another advanced drive train (Hybrid or PEV) vehicle. Volt is 35% while Prius (liftback) is 52%.

    Jessica Caldwell
    Director, Industry Analysis
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    lokkilokki Member Posts: 1,200
    Omarsultan said- "Tesla scores a 96.6 after three years, the Chevy Volt scores 85.2 and the Nissan LEAF scores 49.8. Or how about the Consumers Reports Owner Sat survey which asked "would you definitely buy this car again" 98% of Tesla, 85% of Volt, 85% of Energi, and 77% of LEAF owners said yes?"

    Well, Omar,
    Few people like to publicly admit they have made an expensive mistake. However, when the time comes to actually buy another... The statistics seem to say they are not doing what they said they would. There is nothing wrong with PEV's, but they are currently as much of a vanity purchase as any sports car.
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    bonhambonham Member Posts: 1

    The EV community is very interested in how these numbers are parsed out in context. You kindly mentioned Q1 stats of 2015. Would you be willing to disclose a wider time frame, like a full year, say 2014? I would also like to point out that as the families of EV owners have grown bigger (like mine), few plug-ins have branched out into SUV territory. Could your data really be suggesting the need for a mass market "advanced drive train" SUV?

    Portland, OR
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Like, say, a hydrogen Toyota?
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    jimbo1111jimbo1111 Member Posts: 1
    Just like every report about "hybrids and EVs," read this as "hybrids." Why say "hybrids and EVs" if this happens to EV sales? Well, because it doesn't. Hybrids are what you buy when you want cheaper gas and you don't care if your car sucks and you have no ability to look towards the future. EVs are what you buy when you want a good car that will also save you money and be more convenient and more fun and help the world around you. No wonder EVs have consistently the highest customer satisfaction rates, "would buy again" rates, etc.

    Also, do you really genuinely think that you're going to get good data for people trading in old EVs when modern EVs have been on the road for like 4 years now?

    This is disingenuous reporting at best, edmunds. You're better than this.
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    i3marc3i3marc3 Member Posts: 1
    edited May 2015
    [non-permissible content removed]

    I show I commute 200 miles a day in my i3... no need to argue on the superiority of EVs compared to obsolete gasoline cars. Better acceleration, no maintenance needed, better durability.

    A disruptive kind will always struggle to establish itself but no more when it becomes superior by a wide margin to what it tries to replace.
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    angelobuccieroangelobucciero Member Posts: 1
    The vast majority of electric vehicle owners will not go back to traditional gas-powered cars, according to a survey commissioned by Ford Motor.

    I think that Ford doesn't have an EV agenda in fact for most car manufactures I think EVs are a headache. That being said Ford as a business must want to know the facts so it can better adapt.

    Is it possible that the reason the results seem to contradict between the two surveys, is that if barely 5 years into mass market of EVs the people that are trading their EV they are more likely to be of those not satisfied and thus are a poor indicator as to the general EV owner sentiment.
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Looks like Volkswagen may bail out the lagging EV and hybrid market.

    "With the benefits of diesel being overstated, the market is now slowly beginning to turn against diesel cars, even in countries like the UK, where they had overtaken petrol car sales.

    Combine this with the improvements in battery technology for electric cars and the slowly increasing trickle of electric car charging points and the odds begin to stack in electric’s favor – for many people at least."

    VW’s diesel emissions revelations will help electric car makers like Tesla (thenextweb.com)
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    carobserver5carobserver5 Member Posts: 10
    Jessica - Thank you for the write-up and the additional data in the comments section.

    I am curious how the customer loyalty is measured in your analysis? Is it based on a single sell-buy transaction at a dealer? In other words, does it only identify loyalty within a single dealer sell-buy transaction? I understand that a Volt owner leasing another Volt gets counted as "loyalty", but what about a Prius Plugin lease holder turning in their cat at the end of the lease and leasing a Volt? Given that these are two separate transactions at two different dealers (sale of Prius, purchase of a Volt), would this transaction also be counted as loyalty in your numbers?

    Thus, I am curious if you have access to data at plugin car ownership at a household level? This might be a better indicator of "plug loyalty" and a better identifier of whether owning one plugin car is more likely to result in repeat plugin car purchases. I am seeing anecdotal evidence that having one plugin car in a family increases the likelihood of having a second plugin car also so I am curious if the data actually supports this observation.

    P.S. I also second the earlier comments about the need to exclude hybrid car sales from plugin car (PHEV and PEV) sales data analysis. The more relevant trend to observe is how plugin cars are doing as a category and not include hybrids into that grouping. They represent two different purchase segments and buyer preferences.
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    A reporter is looking to talk with someone who traded in a hybrid or EV to buy a regular gas-powered vehicle. If you're willing to share your experience, please reach out to pr@edmunds.com by no later than June 6, 2016.
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