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Auto Shutdown & Fuel Pump Rely Overheating

jelambertjelambert Member Posts: 1
edited April 2015 in Plymouth
Okay, the car will start and run normally for about twenty miles, depending on how hot the day is, until the Auto Shutdown and Fuel Pump rely start overheating and then the car will start skipping and cuts off. I've already had the fuel pump replaced, the fuel filter replaced, the idle system replaced, the coil pack replaced, another tune-up kit, and that's all I can think of that's been replaced on it, and the problem still consists.
Has anyone else had this problem and know what could be making the relys overheat? I've talked with a few people and they said it sounded like something electrical, and I need to have the mystery narrowed down to the nitty-gritty before I put anymore parts on it.
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