anti sway bars on 2002 sierra?

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My 2002 GMC Sierra 2WD has a lot of roll from side to side when cornering and tend to rock through corners. I only have a few thousand miles on it so am thinking the shocks are good.
Does anyone have any experience with putting anti sway bars on this Truck? Do they work? How is the ride changed? What is a recommended manufacturer and pricing?
Thanks for any information!


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    Don't assume the shocks are good 'cause they are fairly new. The factory shocks are not much good. Bilstein HD's improve the ride and the handling - especially if you have a load in the bed.

    I put an anti-sway bar on my 1500 when I had the camper on it - otherwise, I didn't feel any need for one. Took the camper off and took the bar off.

    Mike L
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    Shock absorbers are designed to retard rapid movement of the wheels bouncing up and down off the surface of the ground. The sway or roll you describe is not the responsibility of the shocks. Although the gas-filled type do provide extra lift, however minimal.

    The job of the anti-sway bar is to transfer vertical movement to the other side of the vehicle for the suspension on that side to help with the activity. Up force on a wheel on one side equals a lift on the other, allowing gravity to assist. A speed bump straight on with no load will not feel any different. A speed bump at an angle in that same unloaded condition will be more dramatic.

    Sounds a bit murky, but hope it helps.
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    I put a set of Hotchkis sport truck front and rear anti-sway bars on my 2002 Sierra extended cab and it helped tremedously in corners. The handling is very flat; there's still a little body roll, but it's much better than stock.
    It got them from just before the first of the year, they were on sale for about $450. They're higher now though.
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