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I am hoping that someone on this fine site can help this oldbroad. I have a 2002 Windstar SEL & was wondering if Ford ever made a steering wheel with controls on it other than Cruise? I am looking to update my sound system & the unit I am buying has wiring to tap into the wheel controls.
Also wonder if Ford ever made a set of running boards for the first gen Stars that were similar to the old mini van that resembled the enterprise shuttle :). Also would like a console that would sit between the seats.


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    My '99 Quest had radio controls on the wheel (it was made by Ford at the time and used a lot of Ford interior bits). So there may be some out there. Can't imagine that it'd be an easy swap.

    Running boards and consoles? Try a mass market auto retailer, like JC Whitney. You may even find some switches you can glue on to the wheel that would let you keep using your original steering wheel and control the radio.
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