Trading in a 2001 E430 4matic in fair condition, will they take it

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'm close to leasing a new sorento and I am currently driving a 2001 Mercedes E430 4matic which now has 120,000 miles on it. I bought it back in 2004 and have done all the regular maintenance on it but has been nothing but a nightmare of a car since I've owned it. The car is currently in fair condition due to all of the problems and bad luck I have had with it. The paint has a lot of flaws in it, scratches, chips, minor dings here and there. A few of the fairings at the bottom are cracked as I had hit something in the middle of the road at one point. The paint and clear coat on the wheels has started to peel. It is in need of a full tire replacement as well. Here is a breakdown of what else is in bad shape:

Bad CV joints both driver and passenger
Bad motor mounts
Bad catalytic converter
Front end Bushings are shot
Tie rod ends/Ball joints
Almost due for New brakes and rotors up front as just replaced both rears with new calipers as the calipers on both sides froze up

Passenger seat has a small tear in the backrest from something
Cupholder is broken
Radio Acts up
Headliner is sagging in both back corners
The AC has a bad evaporater I believe as it will not hold a charge and can't find leak in hoses
Drivers seat controls don't work, have to use memory

Repaired Items:
Rebuilt trans at 100K miles with new radiator, stranded me on the highway
New MAF sensor
New crank sensor,
New digitial display
New SRS passenger seat sensor
Countless other small items

Is it possible to even trade this disaster into a dealer? Who would want to buy the car privately. Its been one thing right after another its entire time I have owned it. KBB value is btw 2500-3400 in fair condition and I'm lucky if a dealer would give me $1500 which heck I would probably take.
Any advice? Junkyard?
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