Buying 15 Grand Cherokee NEW on Lot with Damage

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Its a Sunday...looked at a new 15 Grand Cherokee on dealer lot...they are closed on sundays...stopped to look at a certain jeep I saw on the internet on their is new and I see some damage on the passenger door ...looks like someone scrapped the side from the middle lower front door along the rear side door all the way to the wheel wheel trim piece...... i'm guessing maybe 1k to 2k to repair. Sticker is just over 41K...whats a realistic amount to ask to take off sticker with this damage. And can the dealer fix this and still sell it as new? Its in NY state.


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    Some states have limits as to how much damage can be repaired without disclosure to the buyer. Ohio sticks in my mind as having a rather high limit of $6,000 - some states don't have a limit iirc. Don't know about NY but the dealer very well could fix the damaged panels and sell it as new, and most buyers would never know the difference. Nor would it show up on a Carfax or Autocheck report.

    Assuming your estimate is correct, I'd ask for $5,000 off True Market Value with the proviso that the dealer has to fix the scrape. Don't be surprised if the dealer laughs though....

    (If the dealer accepts without fixing it, better backtrack and say you need a repair quote first - you could be way low).
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