Suggestions to fix tire cupping noise in 2014 Mazda 6?

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I have a 2014 Mazda 6 with about 15700 miles on my tires. Two weeks back I hit a curb on the right side while exiting a parking lot. Since then I hear a vibrating noise when most heard between 20 - 45 MPH. Took the car to my dealer and firestone, both told me that there is mild cupping on one of the tires. They told me that unless I get the tire replaced there is no way to eliminate the noise. I got all suspension parts checked (everything is good) and got my alignment, balancing and tire rotation done.

So is replacing the tire the best option? I was really advised against this since the tread is good.


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    I would try the tire at different pressures to see if running at factory helps quiet the noise or running 2-5 pounds above pressure helps with the noise. Rotating regularly and frequently might help clean it up some.
    This may vary with different tires.

    I'd recommend you post your question in Tires, Tires, Tires

    and see if some of the several posters there have more guidance for you. There
    is one who used to answer tire questions regularly, Capriracer. He may know
    more or some of the others there may help.

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    Thanks @imidazol97 for all the suggestions ... I will post the same question in the other forum you mentioned..
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    Here you go - moved your post over to the discussion that @imidazol97 suggested.
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    Shave the tires like they do for race tires.
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    drreid said:

    Shave the tires like they do for race tires.

    That sounds like a "hairy" proposition. ;)


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