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Which truck is best for my needs....

erichenbergererichenberger Member Posts: 1
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I drive between 20 - 25k miles a year. In the upcoming years, I will be towing a travel trailer (25 - 30ft), and hope to upgrade to a 5th wheel over the next 10 years. Towing would include 1 - 2 major trips a year across country and into the mountains (we want to visit every National Park), and about 1mini-trip to state parks a month. I'm currently in an EcoDiesel that had been plagued with problems... simply a bad on the assembly line and now I have the option to move into another vehicle.

I love the concept of the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel.... high mpg, ability is pretty good at 420lbs of torque. I have also considered the 2500 Cummings I-6 Diesel because I pretty much wouldn't have a need for another truck for hopefully 10-15 years.

I guess my question is.... which of those two options would be best for what I am doing? Are there gas makes and models out there that I should consider? Thanks


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    henrynhenryn Member Posts: 4,289
    What's the weight on that "travel trailer (25 - 30ft)"? If it is not a "light weight" model, in particular if it has one or more slide-outs, you really, really want / need a 3/4 ton, heavy duty truck. And that requirement / necessity gets even stronger when you start talking about a 5th wheel.

    My preference is for the Ford. I pulled a 5th wheel for several years with an F250 diesel, absolutely loved the truck, but far too big to fit into parking garages and tight parking spaces. I have heard good things about the Dodge with the Cummins diesel, if you're partial to Dodges.
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    sb55sb55 Member Posts: 618
    I tow a 25' travel trailer with at 1500, and it is fine, but I'm not driving over the Rockies. Go on a travel trailer forum. There are LOTS of opinions there, but I think that you will need at least a 2500 diesel. You decide whether you like Ram, or GM or Ford.

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