'02 Camry XLE 3.0L (1MZ Engine) - pintle cap help!!!

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I've recently joined, and i want to say thank you for your help in advance. Hopefully i'll be able to help others as well

I'm trying to replace the injector pintle caps but im getting 2 different types, my injector model # is 23250-0A020....im finding 3 different kinds of pintle caps. the one i have has a small nipple. for the most part im finding one without a nipple. even the dealership doesnt have the one with a nipple. but alotta sources are saying some for that model come with a nipple. what should i do?? (most of the searches are based on it fitting a 1MZ engine, the others are based on VIN #...yet the dealership says no even though it matches whats on my car already).

please help with this as i need to order it within 1 day to reach me in time (long story, i moved to the middle east and have family coming from north america next week)
incase you were wondering why i think this is the problem, here's what i've run through before:
It's a '02 camry XLE 3.0L (1MZ engine), i bought it brand new in '02 but I've run into a failed transmission, that after swapping, over a couple months, the car gradually was getting worse until it settled about 3 months later (in 2010), until now. (keepin in mind having to pull out with the engine when replacing the tranny rather than droppin it....the chassis is in the way)

There's no power, you press the gas and the car very slowly accelerates regardless of pressing the gas all the way down. it just doesnt go. to clear up all the quick answers, (some of which from other forums) i've replaced/cleaned the following:

sparkplugs+wires/coils/airfilter/oxygen sensor/MAF/catalytic converters(all 3)/fuel pump/ fueltank /all vaccuum & suction hoses, injectors. and i might be forgetting to mention a couple other things. I even tried to check the fuse for the pedal (forgot the name NSTC or something like that.... i changed it, but no diff)

On the diagnostics it's not coming up with anything under engine/tranny, it used to give me cylinder misfire, and engine too lean, but once the sparkplugs/coils were replaced and cat emptied out, its gone (although i thought it would tell me engine too lean/rich since cat is taken out). It does show the ABS/Traction lights though.

Here's the weirdest thing about this issue, sometimes it does it, sometimes it doesnt. Its usually when i turn off the car and on again, that it changes in either direction. I've also noticed that at around 80kmh (50mph), it runs at around 3000 rpm, if, while driving, i put it in N, turn the car off, and back on (sometimes have to do it twice or trice) it goes all the way down to 1900/2000. It seems as though its a tranny problem, but the fact that its on and off and has been so for almost 5 years now is whats weird!!! If it was the tranny, then if i press the gas in Neutral, the RPMs should go up normally, not slowly. Unless i turn it off and on again, and its back to normal!!!!!!!

so 1st question is, do you have any idea what the problem could be??
2nd question is, which pintle cap do i need and how can i be sure? as far as i know they havnt been changed since i bought it brand new

thank you so much in advance whether i find the answer or not :D keep up the good work
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